Holiday Hacks for Busy Moms

Holiday Hacks for Busy Moms |

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When people think of Santa’s little helpers, they imagine a bunch of tiny elves with pointy shoes, hats with bells, and little green outfits, each of them whistling while they work at their warehouse in the North Pole.

Spoiler alert – they don’t exist. 

Santa’s helpers are actually tired, frazzled, and physically/mentally exhausted moms that want to make this holiday season the best one yet. They’re the ones making the lists and checking them twice, fighting the Christmas shopping crowds, stocking up on wrapping paper, and buying all the ingredients for the traditional Christmas dinner. 

It’s hard work, but this year it’s going to be different. I’ve got some time-saving tips that will make the holidays an absolute breeze. You may even get a chance to prop your feet up and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, spiked with some Irish cream or peppermint schnapps, of course. Cheers, mamas!

The No-Hassle Holiday Card

Instead of losing all your saliva and patience to a bunch of stamps and envelopes, try using a more automated and ingenious system, which is easily done online. Just pick the adorable family photograph you want to use, upload a mailing list, and then leave it. Yup, just like that, the Christmas cards are done and you can get on with the rest of your to-do list.

Easier Everyday Meals

All the focus on food seems to land on two big dates – Thanksgiving and Christmas. But what about the rest of your meals? When you’re planning a holiday meal, the everyday meal planning usually takes a back seat. Even to the point where you end up stopping by the grocery store on your way home from picking the kids up at school, or swinging through the drive through for some fast food. Again. However, joining a menu planning service will not only save you time and money, it will also help you and your family enjoy nutritious and delicious meals without any panicking at the last minute when someone asks, “What’s for dinner?”

Gift Buying Doesn’t Need To Be Complex

Honestly, gift giving during Christmas has just gotten out of hand. We all think it, and we all know it, which is good news because it just takes one person in your family to say it out loud for a collective sigh of relief to escape. Kids tend to be a different story because, whatever your views, presents have become a huge part of the excitement. Swapping gifts with your friends and family, though, is something that you should consider limiting, or just cutting out altogether. Christmas is hectic enough without having to rush around looking for an above mediocre gift that your second-cousin may like.

Moms Can Outsource Too

Everyone thinks that outsourcing is something exclusively reserved for businesses, but it isn’t. Moms can outsource too! Sometimes it’s OK to admit that we can’t do it all. Need homemade crafts for the school fundraiser? Why not purchase some from an Etsy seller instead of spending hours doing them yourself? Or what about ordering Christmas dinner from a restaurant? If you put the food in your own serving dishes, no one would ever know it’s not homemade! Whatever it is, outsourcing certain tasks is a great way to manage your time better. 

What are some things you do to save yourself time and energy during the busy holiday season?

5 Questions My 4-Year-Old Has Asked Before 7am

My son is the most inquisitive child I’ve ever met. Even when he was a baby, he was trying to take toys apart to figure out how they work. He wants to know everything about everything. And when he has a question, it’s a burning question. He’s gotta know the answer right away.

5 Questions My 4-Year-Old Has Asked Before 7am |


When he was two, he’d pitch humongous tantrums and scream and yell when I didn’t know the answers to his questions. Nothing like making your kid furious because you aren’t sure what’s  inside that huge truck you just drove by.

“Uh…socks! It’s a sock truck! It holds boxes and boxes of socks! Now please stop screaming at me!” 

He also had no problem telling me when I was wrong when he didn’t get the answer he wanted.

“No mama. The sky isn’t blue. It’s yellow.”

Ok buddy. Whatever you say!

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Easy DIY Girls Weekend Gift

A few weekends ago I took off for a girls weekend with a few of my mom-friends. There’s nothing like a weekend away from your family where you can spend all your time…complaining about your family, right? Ha! Seriously though, when we weren’t talking about our kids or our husbands, we were sipping on wine and cocktails, playing board games and card games, snacking on junk food, and laughing the hours away! It was the best. A much needed break for all of us tired, worn out mamas.

Easy DIY Girls Weekend Gift | | girls trip | moms night out

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3 Tips for Your Kid’s First Haircut

Until Saturday, Maddie had never had a haircut. Well, except for that time she cut off a chunk of her hair when she was using kid scissors one afternoon. (Note to self – do not leave kids alone with scissors, even for a second!) But I knew her hair needed a good trim. It’s a lot like mine and starts to tangle easily when it needs a cut.

3 Tips for Your Kid's First Haircut |

Maddie is almost 3, so she’s probably older than most kids are when they get their first haircut.  Graham got his haircut when he was one. I was just so hesitant to cut Maddie’s because I kept thinking about how those tiny curls at the bottom were her sweet little baby hairs that she’s had since she was born. Gah! Take me back please. Just for a while so I can snuggle them both.

3 Tips for Your Kid's First Haircut |

Anyway, she did great and her hair looks super cute. If you’re ready to get your kiddo’s hair trimmed for the first time, keep reading. I’ve got 3 tips for your kid’s first haircut below.

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Tasty Treats to Whip Up When a Friend Comes Over

*This is a contributed post. I only accept contributed posts when I feel they can be relevant to the readers of Sunshine and Holly.*

There’s nothing better than eating good food with good friends, am I right? Before kids, Josh and I were always entertaining! We loved throwing dinner parties, cocktail hours, and seasonal parties. One year, my best friend Lauren and I threw an epic scary movie night for Halloween. These days, I mostly just host play dates and small groups from church. But I still love planning out snacks for my guests. If you’re looking for a few good recipes that will show your friends you care, here are a few ideas for tasty treats to whip up when a friend comes over. 

Tasty Treats to Whip Up When a Friend Comes Over |

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