Jack-o’-lantern Pumpkin Pie for Halloween

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You know when you want to make a pumpkin pie, so you go to the grocery store and buy everything you’ll need, except for a can of pumpkin because you’re positive you have one at home?

And then you get home and realize that cans of butternut squash look very similar to cans of pumpkin…


So full disclosure – this isn’t actually a picture of a pumpkin pie. It’s really half pumpkin and half butternut squash. *facepalm*

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3 Tips for Your Kid’s First Haircut

Until Saturday, Maddie had never had a haircut. Well, except for that time she cut off a chunk of her hair when she was using kid scissors one afternoon. (Note to self – do not leave kids alone with scissors, even for a second!) But I knew her hair needed a good trim. It’s a lot like mine and starts to tangle easily when it needs a cut.

3 Tips for Your Kid's First Haircut | sunshineandholly.com

Maddie is almost 3, so she’s probably older than most kids are when they get their first haircut.  Graham got his haircut when he was one. I was just so hesitant to cut Maddie’s because I kept thinking about how those tiny curls at the bottom were her sweet little baby hairs that she’s had since she was born. Gah! Take me back please. Just for a while so I can snuggle them both.

3 Tips for Your Kid's First Haircut | sunshineandholly.com

Anyway, she did great and her hair looks super cute. If you’re ready to get your kiddo’s hair trimmed for the first time, keep reading. I’ve got 3 tips for your kid’s first haircut below.

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A Tale of Two Temperaments

I’ve mentioned before how my children are so different. Complete opposites in a lot of respects. Graham can chow down on some food. Maddie eats like a bird. Graham isn’t affectionate at all. Maddie would crawl back inside of me if she could. Graham loves building things. Maddie loves active play. Graham loves super heros. Maddie loves princesses.

A Tale of Two Temperaments | sunshineandholly.com

They’re also so different when it comes to discipline. Graham has so many wonderful traits, and he’s truly an amazing kid. But he is also the most stubborn, manipulative, and argumentative kid I’ve ever met! Needless to say, we’ve tried any and all discipline tactics with him and have finally settled on a few that work…most of the time. I am mentally exhausted every day trying to get him to do what he needs to do. Maddie is a people-pleaser, and already very empathetic. It doesn’t take much to get her to obey. 

A Tale of Two Temperaments | sunshineandholly.com

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3 Easy Ways To Make A Nutritious and Delicious Packed Lunch

*This is a contributed post. I only accept contributed posts when I feel they can be relevant to the readers of Sunshine and Holly.*

I don’t know about you, but I hate packing lunches! We all want our kids to be eating a balanced diet, but constantly coming up with new, healthy, and exciting lunches is no easy feat. In fact, Frodo’s march on Mordor was probably a more desirable challenge. Ha! It isn’t just because our imagination is lacking or time is short, but also because most of us can’t imagine our kids would be happy to open up a lunch box full of edamame beans, kale, and spinach.

So if you’re stuck in a rut with your kid’s lunches, check out some of the tips below. I’ve got some “simple to make” and “scrumptious to eat” ideas that can take your lunch boxes out of the realm of dull and unhealthy, and into the world of delicious and nutritious!

3 Easy Ways To Make A Nutritious and Delicious Packed Lunch | sunshineandholly.com | school lunches | easy lunch kids toddlers

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5 Thoughts I Had While Spending 2 Hours at Chick-fil-A

I love Chick-fil-A. They have some tasty, tasty food, decent coffee, and great customer service. And those milkshakes? Oh yeah!! But best of all, they have an indoor, climate controlled play area where my wild children can burn some energy while I sit and take a much needed mom-break.

5 Thoughts I Had While Spending 2 Hours at Chick-fil-A | sunshineandholly.com

But there’s such a thing as too much of a good thing. On Tuesday, we spent 2 hours at Chick-fil-A. I took the kids to play and have dinner since Dada was traveling for work. And I have to say, that 2 hours is too long to spend at any restaurant with kids, even Chick-fil-A.

5 Thoughts I Had While Spending 2 Hours at Chick-fil-A:

1. Chick-fil-A is the only place where it’s socially acceptable to let a bunch of young children run around a restaurant barefoot. And go to the bathroom barefoot. #gross

5 Thoughts I Had While Spending 2 Hours at Chick-fil-A | sunshineandholly.com

2. When another parent walks into the tiny, enclosed play area that smells of toddler sweat, bare feet, and dirty diapers, and has at least 5 ice-cream-high-induced monkeys…er…kids running around, jumping, and screaming, I want to say to them, “Welcome to Hell.”

3. Forget frosted coffee and lemonade. What we really need up in here is some frosty alcoholic beverages.

Me: “Can I get a margarita?”

Chick-fil-a employee: “Of course! My pleasure!”

4. Is that my kid licking the slide? OMG she is!!! “Stop!!! Don’t lick the slide!!” Gag me.

5. When I get to the point in my life where I don’t have to stop, mid-bite, into my spicy chicken sandwich to hop up and go wipe someone else’s butt…that will be a good day.


So I learned my lesson. 2 hours is too much at Chick-fil-A. Unless they really do start serving margaritas…

Do you think that the cows would tell us to eat more chicken AND drink more tequila? Because I’d be all about that.

5 Thoughts I Had While Spending 2 Hours at Chick-fil-A | sunshineandholly.com

Do you love Chick-fil-A?