Caramel Apple Slab Pie with Autumn Glory Apples

#ad Caramel Apple Slab Pie with Autumn Glory Apples | | fall comfort foods | baking | #autumngloryapple

This recipe for Caramel Apple Slab Pie with Autumn Glory Apples was sponsored by Autumn Glory apples, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. #autumngloryapple 

My favorite season is autumn. The weather is perfect, there are so many fun outdoor activities going on, and so many opportunities to spend time with friends and family. And of course, there’s tons of amazing fall food! From soups, to pies, to warm crock-pot meals, autumn is definitely all about delicious comfort food.

Caramel Apple Slab Pie with Autumn Glory Apples | | fall comfort foods | baking

One of my favorite fall comfort foods is apple pie. Apples are amazing in autumn – they’re at their peak of flavor, and they imitate the autumn weather – crisp and sweet. This autumn, here in Atlanta, a new variety of apples is headed our way. Autumn Glory apples are rich with the fall flavors of sweet caramel and warm cinnamon. They’re perfect for snacking, slicing for a cheese platter, or baking in a warm apple pie. My kids love them too, and while they usually only take a few bites of an apple and leave the rest sitting on the counter, they gobble up entire Autumn Glory apples!

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Friday Favorites – Favorite Red Wines

Favorite Red Wines |

If you know anything at all about “mom culture” these days, you know we’re supposed to love coffee and wine. (And don’t forget about La Croix during the summer. #basic) These are the drinks that get us moms through the day. There are about a million memes out there that make fun of our obsession with coffee and wine.

And yeah, for me it’s totally true. I love them both!

So today, I wanted to share my favorite red wines with you. This post was inspired by the two bottles of the 19 Crimes brand of wine I bought last weekend. If you download the 19 Crimes app, you can listen to the convicts’ stories. It’s so neat! It uses augmented reality to animate the mug shots on the front of the bottle. You’ve got to buy some and try it out!

Holly’s Favorite Red Wines:

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5 Things You Need for Your Thanksgiving Table

5 Things You Need for Your Thanksgiving Table | | #affiliate | decorations | tablescape | entertaining | holidays

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I don’t know about you, but I love a good tablescape. I think it goes back to all those episodes of Sandra Lee’s Semi-homemade Cooking show I watched back in the day. Sandra was the queen of tablescapes!

Of course, the holidays are the perfect time to break out your good dishes, wash those cloth place-mats and napkins, and polish up the silver. For me, it’s not really about trying to impress my guests. (Most people I have over know that we’re usually eating off of paper plates and using paper towels as napkins.) It’s more about making the holidays special. Going a little above and beyond to make sure that there’s just something extra. A little razzle-dazzle. A little magic!

So if you’re looking for inspiration for your Thanksgiving tablescape, look no further! Here are 5 things you need for your Thanksgiving table.

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Our Halloween Traditions and a Spooky Halloween Lasagna

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love dressing up, carving pumpkins, taking the kids trick-or-treating, and making fun Halloween-themed snacks and crafts.

Our Halloween Traditions and a Spooky Halloween Lasagna | | halloween party | oreo eyeball truffles

However, I’m not a big fan of scary movies or haunted houses. I’m such a scaredy-cat! Although believe it or not, Josh and I saw The Ring on our first date back in 2002. Soooo creepy! (The movie, not our first date. Ha!)

Before we had kids, we’d always either dress up and go out bar-hopping, or host a small Scary-Movie-Night party at home with some friends. The past few years we’ve just had a couple of close friends over for a Halloween themed meal, and then headed out to trick-or-treat either in our neighborhood or at a local trunk-or-treat.

Here are a few pictures from Halloweens of the past:

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Jack-o’-lantern Pumpkin Pie for Halloween

Jack-o'-lantern Pumpkin Pie for Halloween | | jackolantern pie | halloween pie | halloween desserts | easy pie

You know when you want to make a pumpkin pie, so you go to the grocery store and buy everything you’ll need, except for a can of pumpkin because you’re positive you have one at home?

And then you get home and realize that cans of butternut squash look very similar to cans of pumpkin…


So full disclosure – this isn’t actually a picture of a pumpkin pie. It’s really half pumpkin and half butternut squash. *facepalm*

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