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This little piece of the internet is devoted to the moms out there wiping butts, doling out goldfish and doing mountains of laundry. The mom who is chugging along, trying her best to hang on to a little piece of herself when her kids are demanding all of her. The mama that’s doing all she can to make sure her kids have a memorable childhood, all the while trying to find a minute or two of peace to focus on something that fulfills her heart.

Does this sound like you? Then you’ve come to the right place!

This is the stage of life I’m currently living. My kids ARE my life. And honestly, for a while, they were all I could handle. Two kids, two years apart: a strong-willed, stubborn-as-hell toddler and an infant that was attached to me at the boob who NEVER slept. That was all I was – Mama – 24 hours a day, 7 days week. It was a tough time full of tears, sleepless nights, and coffee by the gallon. I call those first few years with two kids “the lost years.” Because I lost my sanity…and myself. But now that my kids are getting older (and going to preschool – can I get an AMEN?!) I’ve been feeling like I needed something extra in my life – something to fulfill my creative outlet.

So I re-vamped my old blog, gave it a new name, downloaded WordPress, and Sunshine and Holly was born!

So who is Holly, anyway?

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I’m a thirty-something wife and mom living in Atlanta, Georgia. My passions include spending time outside with my family, eating delicious food, cooking, decorating and updating my home, traveling, listening to Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn, and all things Disney.

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I’ve got a Masters degree from the University of Georgia. Go Dawgs! I met my husband, Josh, freshman year and we’ve been together ever since.

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Before kids, I worked for Herschend Family Entertainment, a company that owns and operates family theme parks and attractions across the country.

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In high school and college I was a southern belle. Literally. A southern belle with a hoop skirt, pantaloons, and parasol! I worked for Stone Mountain Park here in Atlanta as a Historical Interpreter (aka glorified photo op). My days were spent walking around outside in a beautiful setting and listening to people tell me how pretty I looked. It was the best job!

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These days I’ve traded in my hoop skirt for yoga pants and my parasol for a diaper bag. But I wouldn’t change a thing. Well, if I could have a live-in housekeeper/babysitter, I’d definitely change that. A mom can dream, right?

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