5 Lazy Mom Tips

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I’m all about making things easier in life. If there’s a way to get something done quickly and efficiently, I will always choose that way. I’m not a perfectionist. I’m a realist. I think about each task and decide whether or not I need to spend time doing it “perfectly,” or will “adequately” suffice. My husband, on the other hand, is a perfectionist. He drives me nuts taking 10 years to get something done. (Dude – it’s a dishwasher. Not a game of Tetris. Just load it up!)

That being said, I’ve figured out a lot of short cuts for mom-life. I love semi-homemade recipes, and craft projects that start out with store bought items. As far as housework goes – if you’ve ever been over to my home, you know I’m definitely not a perfectionist in that area of life! Pretty sure I only make my bed when I need to fold laundry on top of it. And my appearance? I might brush my teeth and put on makeup, but I’ll skip on drying my hair. Messy mermaid hair is totally in right now, right?!

So if you’re a mom with the same mentality about life as me – that perfect and pretty is wonderful, but just not something you can live up to, check out my top 5 lazy mom tips below!


5 Lazy Mom Tips

1. Folding Clothes

Or…NOT folding clothes, I should say. I have given up on folding my kids’ clothing. (I can hear my mother-in-law clutching her pearls in horror right now! Just kidding. She already knows I’m lazy.) But seriously. These days, when I do laundry, I throw all of my son’s clothing in one basket and all of my daughter’s clothes in another. Then, when I get upstairs to their bedrooms, I throw all the pants in one drawer, the shirts in another, the pjs in another, and the underwear and socks in the last drawer. Done! Super quick. Super easy. Who cares if kid’s t-shirts are wrinkled? Not me! #lazymom

5 Lazy Mom Tips | sunshineandholly.com | lazy mom hacks | simplify motherhood

2. Bathing the Kids

Or…I should say again – NOT bathing the kids. It’s summer. We’re at the pool almost every day. That totally counts as a bath, right? Now if you’re kid’s have sensitive skin that reacts with chlorine, I can see the need to bathe them after the pool. But my kids are fine – I can wait a few days before giving them a bath. They can smell like Clorox and sunscreen all summer. I don’t care! #lazymom

3. Paper Plates

Before we had kids, I was all about saving the environment. And truly, it’s still something that’s important to me. But you know what else is also important to me? My sanity and the eczema ridden, raw skin on my hands from doing so many freaking dishes!! We buy paper plates in bulk now from Costco. I do always put them in the recycling bin when we’re done with them, to try to make myself feel better about poor Mother Earth. If only they made paper disposable sippy cups… #lazymom

4. Socks

I buy 8 pairs of the exact same white socks for each of my kids. Maddie’s have lace, Graham’s do not. It makes finding socks for the kiddos super easy. When Graham was a baby, I was blessed with tons of hand-me-downs from friends. But matching all of those tiny socks together after doing laundry was super annoying. White socks for the win in our home! #lazymom

5. Make the Kids Clean

Thank goodness my kids are finally getting to the age where they can help around the house. I’ve already got a great post up about how I get my kids to pick up their toys. Graham also is in charge of cleaning up his plate after he eats, and both kids love sweeping, vacuuming and mopping. Sometimes, in the evening, Josh and I just sit on the couch and talk to each other while the kids pick up all the toys in the living room around us. It’s amazing. #lazymom


So yes, I’m not sure whether you’d call my tips lazy or brilliant. Either way, this is how I do things around here. Judge me if you want, but I’ll just be sitting here drinking my coffee and reading my book. #lazymom


5 Lazy Mom Tips | sunshineandholly.com | lazy mom hacks | simplify motherhood


Also – you should totally check out the book “Mothering with Courage” by Bonnie Compton. Click the picture below to learn more! I’m about half-way through and it’s great so far!


Do you have any tips for simplifying your life?


5 Lazy Mom Tips | sunshineandholly.com | lazy mom hacks | simplify motherhood


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3 Replies to “5 Lazy Mom Tips”

  1. You are not lazy! Just super smart! About those fitted sheets… ok, I’m retired and there are days I want a challenge. I do give those sheets a Martha Stewart shot and one day I’m gonna get it. Baby Boomer

  2. You’ve just learned how to make your life easier and have more time for your children. I think that’s terrific!!!!

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