Tips for Traveling with Your Baby

Tips for Traveling with Your Baby |

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There are some parents who completely avoid traveling with a baby. When our kids were tiny, we tried to stick to places close by and that we’d been to before. We’re just now starting to venture out with the kids and travel further to new places. Because traveling with a baby is hard! Especially traveling by plane. These days, it seems like most people aren’t sensitive to babies on planes and tend to judge the parents when they can’t calm their crying baby. And changing a diaper in that tiny bathroom on the plane is quite a feat! But with some preparation, you can still have a successful trip. Here are some tips for traveling with your baby.

Book a Night Time Flight

If your baby is in a good routine, a day time flight could be full of mishaps. So although it means the adults might end up exhausted, booking a night time flight is more likely to mean your baby will be sleepy, and with any luck (fingers crossed), they will sleep through the majority of the flight. Have your baby’s comforts, like favorite blankets and toys, ready at hand, and call the hotel ahead of time to make sure your crib is already set up.

Make it Like Home

At your first opportunity, unpack your suitcases so you have everything you would normally have around you at home. Your baby is more likely to settle in quickly if you can make your room as cozy and baby friendly as possible. It’s also helpful to have have a designated changing space made up in the room. Keep the diapers in one place so you don’t always have to search for them every time you need one.

Stock Up on Meds

It’s hard to keep a baby that feels unwell calm. Being prepared for any illnesses or injuries is key. You never know when baby will fall and skin a knee, start cutting a tooth, or get bitten by mosquitoes. You can usually get what you need from a local pharmacy, but being prepared ahead of time will save you the hours of fussing if something unexpected does happen. Travel insurance is also a great idea. Take a look at whether Expedia travel insurance is right for you. The last thing you’ll need is a hefty bill for a hospital visit.

Nap on the Run

It isn’t easy for babies to sleep in strange cribs in the middle of the day, but they also need a good nap so they’re not cranky throughout the trip. The adults and older kids will also want to be out and about, sight-seeing or sunbathing. So, making your stroller the designated nap area is the best idea. Babies are more likely to fall asleep when they’re comfortable and the family is out on a long walk. Take everything you need to make the stroller as enticing to baby as possible, and make sure baby is shaded when napping.


As long as baby is happy, the rest of the family will be able to enjoy a blissful trip!

What other tips do you have for traveling with a baby?


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Tips for Your Child’s First Birthday Party

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A child’s first birthday is often an exciting occasion that parents will want to celebrate. While the little one isn’t going to remember the big day, moms and dads will want to make a fuss. In most instances, there’s no need to spend a ton of money. It’s much better to focus on spending quality time together as a family. Consider some of the ideas below when planning a first birthday celebration, and be sure to make the arrangements at least a month in advance to avoid disappointment.

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Tips for Keeping Your Kids’ Mouths Healthy and Teeth Pearly White

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Many new parents will worry about knowing when their child will start teething. Any experienced parent will have one answer to any such questions: don’t worry – they’ll make sure you know about it! Lol! (Maddie especially had a difficult time with teething. She woke us up for nights on end when she had a tooth popping through!) While kids’ first set of teeth aren’t permanent, it’s still super important that you keep on top of them to guarantee good oral hygiene and prevention of gum disease, decay, and other dental problems. Read on for a complete guide to everything you need to know about your child’s oral health.

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A Love Letter to My Village

Motherhood is tough. Motherhood is messy. Motherhood has kicked my booty. The first few years are some of the hardest. So much crying (both me and the babies!) and the never ending cycle of feed, burp, change diaper, rock to sleep, over and over and over and over. Then there’s the whining, the tantrums, the constant questions, the potty training, the messes…it’s enough to drive a person completely crazy or send them into a dark depression!

So what gets us through it? (Besides lots of coffee and wine.) What is the light, the breath of fresh air, the hope for all the lonely, tired, lost mamas out there?

It’s our village – the group of women and men surrounding us, lifting us up, encouraging us, and helping out during some of the most difficult years of our life. Every mom needs her village, and I’ve been so blessed with mine. There have been so many people over the years who’ve been a rock, a shoulder to cry on, an inspiration, a light.

And I just wanted to take a minute to thank them.

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5 Types of Aged Cheese Found in My Kid’s Sippy Cups

Moms have to deal with some pretty gross stuff. Some things you’re prepared for – like poopy diapers and runny noses. But then there are the things you might not have thought about before pushing that baby out of you. Things like the disgusting nub of umbilical cord that is hanging onto your baby’s belly button by a single gross thread and makes you want to gag when you see it. Or when you’re dying of thirst and take a huge gulp from your glass, only to realize your toddler got hold of it and the glass is filled with more backwash and goldfish crumbs than actual water. And don’t forget the floaters you have to fish out of the bathtub when your kid takes a huge poop during bath time.

Yep – moms’ lives are so glamorous. No wonder we see so many jokes and memes about moms drinking wine! And you know what goes great with wine?


Well, moms – you’re in luck! You don’t even have to make another miserable trip to the grocery store with your kids in tow, pushing around that f***ing huge car shopping cart while you shove snacks at your kids to keep them quiet and entertained. You can find cheese in your own home! All you need to do is to look for those sippy cups of milk that disappear all over your house. You know the ones – the cups that reappear days later with disgusting, rotten milk. We’re talking milk that’s more spoiled than your rich neighbor’s kid with the private school tuition that cost more than your mortgage, and who owns not one, but two ponies. Milk that isn’t milk at all anymore. It’s finely aged cheese.

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