5 Types of Aged Cheese Found in My Kid’s Sippy Cups

Moms have to deal with some pretty gross stuff. Some things you’re prepared for – like poopy diapers and runny noses. But then there are the things you might not have thought about before pushing that baby out of you. Things like the disgusting nub of umbilical cord that is hanging onto your baby’s belly button by a single gross thread and makes you want to gag when you see it. Or when you’re dying of thirst and take a huge gulp from your glass, only to realize your toddler got hold of it and the glass is filled with more backwash and goldfish crumbs than actual water. And don’t forget the floaters you have to fish out of the bathtub when your kid takes a huge poop during bath time.

Yep – moms’ lives are so glamorous. No wonder we see so many jokes and memes about moms drinking wine! And you know what goes great with wine?


Well, moms – you’re in luck! You don’t even have to make another miserable trip to the grocery store with your kids in tow, pushing around that f***ing huge car shopping cart while you shove snacks at your kids to keep them quiet and entertained. You can find cheese in your own home! All you need to do is to look for those sippy cups of milk that disappear all over your house. You know the ones – the cups that reappear days later with disgusting, rotten milk. We’re talking milk that’s more spoiled than your rich neighbor’s kid with the private school tuition that cost more than your mortgage, and who owns not one, but two ponies. Milk that isn’t milk at all anymore. It’s finely aged cheese.

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Tips for Road Trips with Kids

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tips for road trips with kids | sunshineandholly.com

I’m not a fan of road trips.


I really hate riding in the car for a long time. We took a ton of road trips when I was a kid since my mom hates to fly. And while I’m grateful that I got to travel and see so many parts of the country, I think I learned to hate road trips at a young age. And I still dread being in the car for over an hour. I get bored, cramped, and carsick.

tips for road trips with kids | sunshineandholly.com

But flights are expensive. So if we want to travel these days, we have to load up the minivan and hit the road.

My kids are pretty good travelers in the car. Lucky for them (and for me as a mom) we live in an age of portable DVD players and iPads. So we just plug them into the matrix…er…give them the iPad, and let them zone out to a movie or two while we’re driving.

Here are a few more tips for road trips with kids.

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Disney with a Toddler – 5 Things You May Not Have Thought to Pack

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Disney with a Toddler | sunshineandholly.com

Planning a trip to Disney World with your toddlers?

We’ve been twice with our little ones and both times were great! I did SO MUCH research before we left to find out what we really needed to bring with us into the parks. There are so many lists out there on the internet and on Pinterest, but there were a few things I found helpful that I didn’t see on other lists. Here are 5 things you may not have thought of packing when doing Disney with a toddler.

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Big Red the Reliable

I got a flat tire this morning! 🙁

The car in front of me swerved to miss a broke pipe in the road, but I didn’t have time to swerve so I ran over it…and it immediately blew my front tire. Uggg.

So I pulled over in the first place I saw…which just happened to be the parking lot of a sketchy bar. I called AAA to come change my tire, but then I had to tell 3 different AAA employees that I was in the parking lot of a bar. I sounded like a real winner! 😉

Anyway, the guy came in less than 15 minutes and changed out my tire. So I’m good to go now.

I’m so thankful I have AAA service, and that I have a working car. I got flashbacks of all the issues I had with my old car (Myrtle the Turtle) and it makes me remember how blessed I am to have a car that’s reliable. I love Big Red! 🙂

What a bad start to a holiday weekend…

Someone backed into Josh’s car last night while it was parked on the street and drove off. Didn’t leave a note or anything.


At least we have good insurance and at least we weren’t in the car when it happened!