10 Adorable Cooking Tools You’ve Gotta Have

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I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Most days at home with the kids just drag on, and I’m literally counting down the minutes until I can turn on some Paw Patrol for the rug rats and escape to the kitchen to cook dinner. It’s my “me time.” Some days I turn on my Dolly Parton Pandora station, tie my apron around my waist, and channel my inner 50’s housewife while I whip up something tasty for my family. And some days, I throw my dirty hair up into a messy bun, adjust the waist band of my tattered old yoga pants, and boil up some water for boxed mac and cheese. Just keepin’ it real here!

But regardless of whether you love cooking or hate it, cook like Julia Child or cook like a child, we can all agree that having cute kitchen gadgets makes cooking more fun.

10 Adorable Cooking Tools You've Gotta Have | sunshineandholly.com

Here are 10 adorable cooking tools you’ve gotta have.

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Kitchen è Finita!!

Yes, that’s right – the kitchen is FINISHED! Can you believe it? I can’t…it seems crazy that we actually finished such a huge project. And I’m SO happy with how it turned out! Here are some pics from our super fun “Kitchen Open House” where we showed off our hard work to all our friends and family!

Final Kitchen Breakdown

Kitchen Costs Final Break Down

Demo: FREE!
Dumpster rental: $215 BGI Waste Services
Cabinets: $3411.58 Ikea
Extra stuff: $103.63 (Drawers that were out of stock when we purchased the cabinets, plus dish drawer organizers and spice drawer organizers) Ikea
Cabinet installation: FREE!
Cabinet pulls: $161.59 Ikea
Cabinet dividers: $38.83 Ikea
Countertops: $1,280.40 (Including installation – awesome deal!!!)
Faucet for sink: $147.66 Lowes
Fridge: $1622.98 ($1593.10 plus $29.88 for delivery) – We splurged. 🙂 Brandsmart
Oven: $754.32 Sears
Microwave: $234.20 Over-the-range venting microwaves are expensive! Brandsmart
Stovetop: FREE! (We kept our old one)
Materials for new wall: $100.06 Home Depot
Labor for new wall: FREE!
New door for pantry: $83.51 Home Depot
Pantry shelving: $161.98 Ikea
Installation for pantry shelving: FREE!
Paint for pantry: $37.64 (Including supplies and chalkboard paint for the door.)
Plumbing: $550
Appliance electric work: $140
Flooring: $638.27 Floor and Décor Outlet
Flooring installation: FREE!
Misc charges: $153.96 (random things like nails, paint rollers, caulk, hacksaw, etc.)
Backsplash: $375 Design-4-less.com (plus grout and other supplies from Lowes)
Backsplash installation: FREE!
Labor to vent dryer & install heat/air vent in laundry room: $450 (didn’t realize THAT would be so expensive!)
Lighting: $101.60 Ikea
Ceiling patchwork: FREE!
Ceiling paint: FREE! (A gift from our real estate agent)
Labor to paint the ceiling: $249
Lighting electric work: $559
Total: $11,570.20


Now we can start saving some serious cash for traveling and future-baby-D! 🙂