Our PJ Movie Night Family Tradition

PJ Movie Night is my favorite night!

Yes, I know – I know – we’re supposed to limit screen time for kids. 

But honestly – my kids watch way more than the “recommended 1-hour per day of high quality screen time.” Seriously?! These AAP people must have live-in nannies and maids. Because that’s what we’ll need if I’m expected to only allow my kids to have 1-hour per day of screen time. If you do follow those recommendations – props to you, mama! Anyway…

PJ Movie Night | sunshineandholly.com

We’re a tv-loving family. My husband and I love binge-watching shows together and my favorite evenings include PJs, a comfy blanket, a bowl of Ben and Jerry’s, and snuggling up on the couch to watch some boob tube.

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5 Ideas for Indoor Toddler Fun in Atlanta

So all of a sudden it’s winter again! What the heck, man? It’s cold today!

I almost put away all of my family’s winter coats for the season. Luckily I’m a lazy mom and haven’t gotten around to it yet…

Since it’s freezing today, I thought I’d post about my top five places to take my little monsters…er…sweet angel children when it’s cold outside. Because sitting around our house all day drives this mama insane.

5 Ideas for Indoor Toddler Fun in Atlanta | sunshineandholly.com

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