Beauty and the Beast PJ Family Movie Night

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Tonight, we’re having PJ Family Movie Night at home and watching the original animated Beauty and the Beast. It’s a classic!

Beauty and the Beast PJ Family Movie Night |


We’re all pretty beat – we spent the morning at Washington Farms picking strawberries, playing, eating ice cream, and getting a tiny bit sunburned. So it’s the perfect night for a movie – we can relax and put our feet up!

Beauty and the Beast PJ Family Movie Night |

To go with our movie, we made a quick themed snack. I saw these adorable Puff Pastry Apple Roses on Facebook a few days ago and they looked so cute and easy – I knew I wanted to try making them!

Beauty and the Beast PJ Family Movie Night |

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Disney’s Tangled Themed Family Movie Night

Disney's Tangled Family Movie Night | Themed Recipe and Craft |

We love our PJ Family Movie Nights!

It’s an opportunity to sit back, relax, and let the tv babysit the kids. 


Seriously though, everyone in our family loves to watch movies. Even Maddie, who’s 2, will usually sit through an entire movie. Especially if there are fun themed snacks involved.

Last week, we watched Disney’s Tangled. You know we love our Disney movies! We’ve seen it before, but decided to watch it again since there’s a new series coming out on the Disney channel based on the movie. Had to refresh our memories of Eugene…er…Flynn’s smolder, golden flower spells, and the correct way to use a frying pan. (Spoiler alert – it’s not used for cooking!)

That afternoon, while Maddie napped, Graham and I attempted to do a little themed craft to go along with the movie. I’ll admit, I’m not super crafty, so I’m so glad I stumbled on this Tangled lantern craft. It looked easy enough for us to handle!


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Our PJ Movie Night Family Tradition

PJ Movie Night is my favorite night!

Yes, I know – I know – we’re supposed to limit screen time for kids. 

But honestly – my kids watch way more than the “recommended 1-hour per day of high quality screen time.” Seriously?! These AAP people must have live-in nannies and maids. Because that’s what we’ll need if I’m expected to only allow my kids to have 1-hour per day of screen time. If you do follow those recommendations – props to you, mama! Anyway…

PJ Movie Night |

We’re a tv-loving family. My husband and I love binge-watching shows together and my favorite evenings include PJs, a comfy blanket, a bowl of Ben and Jerry’s, and snuggling up on the couch to watch some boob tube.

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