Telling a Few More People

So after telling Josh, the next people I wanted to tell were our parents. BUT, a few more people heard our secret before we were ready to tell our family.

On Monday the 23rd, I made an appointment with my doctor just to talk to her about how we’d been trying with no success. Then on Tuesday the 24th I found out I was pregnant. Figures right? It’s so crazy how things always seem to work out like that.

Anyway, I decided to keep the appointment, just so I could confirm what the home pregnancy tests were telling me and to see if my doctor had a recommendation for an obgyn. The appointment was for the 31st. (That was a LONG week to wait!)

When I got to the doctor, I told the nurse that we had finally gotten a positive pregnancy test. My heart was beating so far when I told her – she was only the second person to know! And boy, her reaction was disappointing. She just nodded. I was bummed. Then I realized she probably didn’t know we’d been trying. So I told her and THEN she said congratulations and asked me more questions. Yay! Then when my doctor came in (I’ve been seeing the same sweet doctor since I was 14) she asked me with a big smile on her face, “So, are you ready to do some celebrating? You ARE pregnant!” It was sooooo nice to be able to talk to someone other than Josh about the pregnancy. She asked me if I’d had an nausea (not yet) or food aversions (not yet) and we talked about due dates (September 16th according to her calculations!!!). It was so great sharing the news with someone, even if it was just my doctor. 🙂

A few nights later, it was raining so Josh and I decided to go walk around the mall to get some exercise. We stopped in Kohl’s to look around and found the CUTEST frame for your ultrasound picture that said “Now Showing.” Adorable, right?!?! We went to the check out counter and when the girl was ringing us up, she looked at me and said, “Are you expecting?” I was secretly hoping she’d ask and my mouth turned up into a HUGE smile and I blurted out “YES!” She asked how far along I was (7 weeks!!) and then told me about her little 10 month old boy. Josh and I walked out of the store beaming – how exciting to talk to people about OUR baby!!

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