How I told Josh he’s going to be a DADDY!

So as the earlier post explained, I found out for sure I was pregnant Tuesday morning. I’ve always had this plan of cooking baby back ribs, baby lima beans, baby corn, etc for Josh to tell him I was pregnant. (Cute right?) BUT…Josh had a work dinner Tuesday night. Uggg. I decided to play it by ear. I would wait to see how hard it was to keep the secret from him. If I could wait, I’d cook for him Wednesday night. If I couldn’t wait – I’d just tell him when he got home.

So I kept my mouth shut that morning. And allllllllllll day at work – longest day of my life!!! And then had to sit at home all evening by myself, waiting on Josh to get home. (PS – it’s felt SO weird to be at work that first day I knew I was pregnant. I’d be walking down the hallway in our office, thinking in my head, “Hi there Susan- guess what, I’m PREGNANT!” “Oh hey Bob, yep – I’m PREGGERS!” “What’s up Lara. Nothing much here…just that I’m PREGNANT!” Of course I didn’t dare say any of this out loud!) 🙂

Well…DUH – of course I decided not to wait. Plus the more I thought about it, I kind of wanted to video him when I told him so I could remember the moment forever. 🙂

So when he FINALLY got home, I told him I was tired and wanted to go to bed. We were laying there, playing on our phones (I know – it’s terrible we both do that right before bed) and I told him I wanted to take his pic -just joking/playing around like we do sometimes. But instead of having my phone set to take a pic, I set the phone to take a video. And instead of telling Josh to “Say cheese” I told him to “Say, ‘I’m going to be a daddy!'”

Y’all – his reaction was PRICELESS. Maybe the best moment of my life so far. Even more exciting than when I got engaged.

He was cheesing pretty hard at first (since he thought I was joking around taking his picture). But after he heard what I said, his smile dropped. His eyes got big and he said, “What?” I said, “I’m pregnant!” He sat up, and started to smile and you could tell he was getting really excited. He said, “Are you serious?!” And that’s when I cut off the camera cuz I was shaking and getting ridiculously excited too. 🙂

We hugged, cried, prayed and probably stayed up another hour just cuddling and talking and dreaming about our baby.

Such a sweet memory. One that I’ll cherish the rest of my life.

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