My Real Christmas Wish List

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It’s finally December! Time to start making our lists and checking them twice. Have you started your Christmas shopping? What’s on your list this year?

As for my Christmas wish list, sure, new clothes, makeup, jewelry, cooking tools, and home decor would be great. But you know what I really want? Here’s my real Christmas wish list.

1. A live-in maid.

I’m currently typing up this post at my kitchen table while Maddie colors beside me. There’s a half eaten banana, with peel sitting to my right. 5 dirty tissues to my left. A bunch of markers with the tops left off behind the laptop. And an empty juice box, 4 Cherrios, about 6 smushed Cherrios, and a piece of dried up mac and cheese on the floor. #gross #reallife It’ll all get cleaned up eventually, but it sure would be nice if someone else would do it…

2. A Disney Vacation Club Membership

You guys know I’m a huge Disney nerd. I love that magical place where all your dreams come true. I wish we could have season tickets and go a bunch all year long. Or own a Disney Vacation Club membership. That would be my dream gift!

3. A Personal Trainer with Babysitting Services

This one might be the most realistic thing on my list. I’m still not completely happy with where my “mom bod” is right now. I have a million excuses, but the biggest one is that I hate taking time out of my kid-free mornings to work out. So a personal trainer would be great, but I only want one that will also have someone to babysit my kids.

4. A Magical Immunity Pill

I’ve been sick twice the last two weeks. My kids have also already been sick a couple of times this fall. I wish there was a magical pill we could all take that would prevent us all from getting sick. (Yes, we use oils, but someone always still seems to catch something!)

5. A Later Wake Up Time

My kids used to sleep until at least 7am. But lately, my daughter has been thinking that 6am is a better wake up time. We’ve got the “ok to wake clock,” but, she’s a three-year-old, so you know how well that works for her. It does work for my 5-year-old, though. Unless his sister wakes up first. Just that one extra hour in the morning would be glorious.


Ok, Santa. My list is a tough one. Think you can make any of it happen?


What do you REALLY want for Christmas?


My Real Christmas Wish List | | motherhood | mom life

My Real Christmas Wish List | | motherhood | mom life

My Real Christmas Wish List | | motherhood | mom life

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  1. If you find a way to make this wishlist come true let me know! I can’t decide what I want more – a maid (I’d even settle for one who doesn’t live in the house) or Disney vacation club.

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