Things My Super Smart CPA Husband Can’t Do

My husband is a smart guy. He holds a Masters degree, he’s a CPA, and he’s currently a Senior Tax Manager for a large multi-national corporation. He knows a ton about accounting, international tax, and the Marvel Universe. He’s an amazing dad and an almost-perfect husband. Almost.

Things My Super Smart CPA Husband Can't Do |

But there are a few things that he is just not good at. And for a smart guy like him, I wonder sometimes how he can’t figure these simple things out.

Here are a few things my CPA husband can’t do:

Find something in grocery store.

I’m usually the one that grocery shops for our family, but on the rare occasion I ask him to pick up a few things, I know that he will ALWAYS call and ask me where to find something. He needs a map. Seriously.

Find something in the fridge.

It’s right there. Right there in the front. Right in front of your face!

Pick out matching clothes for my daughter.

She could’ve picked out a better outfit. And she’s 3.

Poop quickly.

I’m pretty sure I could birth another baby in the time that it takes my husband to poop.

Do a load of laundry without shrinking something.

Every. Single. Time. I do 100% of the laundry now. I’ve learned my lesson.

That’s not all though. Here’s a few more things my husband is incapable of doing:

He can’t refuse to put a ponytail in Maddie’s hair when she asks for the millionth time.

He can’t put Graham to bed without reading him at least two books.

He can’t leave for work without giving me and the kids a kiss goodbye.

He can’t go a day without telling me he loves me.

Things My Super Smart CPA Husband Can't Do |

So yeah, he’s a pretty amazing guy. I guess I’ll keep him.


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