Kitchen Renovation – Weekend #1

We started the kitchen renovation this weekend!

Step 1 – Wall off the breakfast nook to make a walk-in pantry/laundry room. (Our washer and dryer are in the basement right now – NOT convenient.)

My father-in-law is awesome. He threw the wall up in just a few hours. Josh and I will be breaking out the paint tonight. Then we’ll install the door later this week and cross this step off the list!

Plus – Our NEW refrigerator be delivered tomorrow!!! I am soooooooo excited!! It’s BEAUTIFUL!!



P.S. We HAVE to buy a new camera battery charger. I still can’t find our old one and I really want to take pics during the renovation. 🙁

Here are some pics taken with my iPhone – please excuse the quality…and please ignore the mess that is our kitchen.




Here is the rest of the kitchen renovation plan. (I’ll just be happy when it’s all over!)

Step 2 – Call the plumber and schedule them to come out to move the washer and dryer into the laundry room.

Step 3 – Tear out the old cabinets

Step 4 – Put together new cabinets

Step 5 – Install new cabinets

Step 6 – Have new countertop installed

Step 7 – Have new microwave, new wall oven, and old stovetop installed

Step 8 – Vent new microwave to outside (it’s an over the range microwave)

Step 9 – Backsplash

Step 10 – Flooring

Step 11 – Lighting

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