Kitchen Renovation Weekend #2

This past week (while I was slaving away at work) my hubby and my father-in-law took care of a few more things for the kitchen. They installed the door in the new pantry/laundry room wall. (After an extra trip to Home Depot because they bought the wrong size the first time…hehe!)

Hubby was also home when the fridge was finally delivered…not on Tuesday like it was supposed to be…because the first set of delivery men were jerkslazyincompetent fools…not very nice men. The fridge wouldn’t fit through the front or side door of our house (houses built in 1950 have smaller doors than newer houses I guess) and the first set of delivery men wouldn’t bring the fridge up the steps to the back porch and in through the back door. *Sigh* So we rescheduled the delivery for Thursday and they were supposed to bring two extra men…and…well…they didn’t! But the two men that did show up were very helpful and brought the fridge in through the back door anyway. So FINALLY we have our fridge in the house. But….they couldn’t hook up the water line for the ice maker because ours is too old. Another item for the plumber to charge us for!

But I LOVE the fridge! It is BEAUTIFUL! And every time I see it, I just smile.

New fridge love!

We also bought our oven and new microwave…and they were delivered without any issues. 🙂

The plumber came back with a quote for moving the washer up to the new laundry room, but now we’re thinking we need to wait until later on in the renovation in case we have more plumbing issues that we need to add on (just like the darn waterline for the fridge).

Saturday and Sunday we sanded, primed and painted the new wall…which you would think wouldn’t have taken very long since it’s a tiny wall…but of course it seemed like it took FOREVER! Glad it’s done!

New wall! (Please ignore all the spilled paint on the floor. We’re replacing the floor anyway.) We’ll also move the white cabinet once we have the shelving up in the pantry. (The white cabinet served as our pantry for the past year and a half.)

We hit up Ikea on Sunday to talk to them about the 40% off the countertops sale. (Which is a GREAT sale, by the way. $19.99/foot of granite installed!!) Now I’m overwhelmed about the granite color – I can’t make a decision! Ahhhh!!!

I think the kitchen already looks 100 times better – just with the new fridge and the walled off pantry area. I can’t wait to see the entire thing finished!

I’ll finish this post with a pic from Saturday night at Brick Store Pub – where I had some yummy baked brie and the tastiest cider that was served in the cutest little mug!!! I love downtown Decatur!

And we won’t talk about the GA/FL game…ug! Oh well…there’s always next year!


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