Friday Favorites – Favorite Red Wines

If you know anything at all about “mom culture” these days, you know we’re supposed to love coffee and wine. (And don’t forget about La Croix during the summer. #basic) These are the drinks that get us moms through the day. There are about a million memes out there that make fun of our obsession with coffee and wine.

And yeah, for me it’s totally true. I love them both!

So today, I wanted to share my favorite red wines with you. This post was inspired by the two bottles of the 19 Crimes brand of wine I bought last weekend. If you download the 19 Crimes app, you can listen to the convicts’ stories. It’s so neat! It uses augmented reality to animate the mug shots on the front of the bottle. You’ve got to buy some and try it out!

Holly’s Favorite Red Wines:

1. 19 Crimes Cabernet Sauvignon

Delicious and a fun party trick if you download the app.

2. Josh Cellars Merlot

Who wouldn’t want to try a wine named after their husband?!

3. Menage a Trois Silk

One of our favorites! It’s really smooth and slightly sweet. And the name cracks me up.

4. Banfi Chianti Classico Riserva

We discovered our love for Chianti while we were in Italy back in 2011. A waiter in Rome told us, “Nobody doesn’t like Chianti!” (Read that in an Italian accent.)

5. Once Upon a Vine The Big Bad Red Blend

We bought a bottle of this at Epcot on our last Disney vacation and it’s yummy!

So since it’s Friday, and you deserve a little treat, stop by the store and pick up a bottle (or two!) of wine.

Favorite Red Wines |


And if you’re looking for a great cheese to go with your wine, Saint Andre’s is my favorite and it goes great with any of these wines.

Happy Friday!

Friday Favorites - Favorite Red Wines | Friday Favorites - Favorite Red Wines |

Favorite Red Wines |

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