RIP Myrtle the Turtle

My last blog was on June 8th! Today is July 1st! Oops. πŸ™‚ I’m a terrible blogger. I’ve just been so BUSY! Work has been super busy with the addition of two new people to my department. Then I’ve been searching for a new car since my old car was falling apart, so that has kept me busy too…

Speaking of my car…

See Myrtle the Turtle (She’s a green car with no pickup when you push on the gas – thus she is called Myrtle the Turtle) has had a transmission problem for over a year now. She doesn’t kick into gear when I put her in drive. Reverse works just fine, but when I put her into drive….we sit there…and wait…and then she turns her “overdrive” light on and falls into neutral. I usually have to restart the car 1 or 2 times before I can get it into drive successfully. And lately, it’s been more like 3 or 4 times to restart before I can go anywhere. And then there was the time she fell out of drive and into neutral when I was pulling out into oncoming traffic…scary moment! Plus the “check engine” light has been on for about 4 months. And then on Tuesday…..

I got into my car after work and was super excited because it got into drive on the first try! Yippy! Good job Myrtle! I let my window down to let out some of the hot air in the car and started driving out of the parking lot. My air conditioning started blowing cold, so I went to put up my window…..and all of a sudden I heard a “clunk!” and my drivers side window slipped back down! I stopped my car and tried to put the window up again….it didn’t budge. I. Was. So. Pissed. I cussed up a storm at Myrtle, got out of my car, and tired to pull up my window manually. Wouldn’t budge. “You f’ing car. You piece of s*** car!” (I’m literally standing in the parking lot, sweat dripping down my face, yelling profanities at my car. Classy.)

So I get back in, crank her up, throw my hair up so it isn’t blowing around the car, and start driving.

Well then it starts to sprinkle. I laugh (it’s a crazed wide eyed laugh) and still cussing at the car scream “Great! What else can go wrong?!?!”
Well…THEN is starts to POUR! And I mean pour. HUGE drops of rain were coming down!!!

So then I start bawling. I look around my car for something, ANYTHING to put up against my window. I find a folded flat-rate postage box and shove it against the window.

So there I was, bawling…crying my eyes out…cussing at my car…dripping with sweat…soaking wet from the rain on the right side of my body…holding a postage box against my window with my left hand and driving with my right hand…





Thanks a lot, Myrtle.

(This is a pic of Myrtle a couple of months ago. I was on my way to work when Myrtle started smoking. I had to call AAA and have them tow it. Cracked radiator = $500. Argh. And the only person at work I could get in touch with to come get me from where I was standing on the side of the road was my buddy Melodye…who was 8 months pregnant at the time. That sweet lady waddled to her car and drove to pick me up on the side of the road. Thanks again Melodye!)

So yesterday I drove (with tape holding up my window) back over to the dealership I had visited last week that had my favorite car out of the 100,000 I looked at. (A beautiful red 2007 Rav4!!) My mom and I had tried our best last week to get them to lower the price so my payments would be around what I wanted. But they wouldn’t budge last week. So we left. This week, I emailed them and said:

“Good afternoon. I came by last week to look at your 2007 red Rav4 and I saw today that it is still listed online. I’m still interested in this car and wondered if you would be willing to rework the figures so that the payments would be closer to $xxx, without extending the loan period beyond 60 months. Let me know if this is possible, and I would be willing to come back in and talk.
Kind regards,

Well, they said come in and we’d talk. So I did. And we talked. AND I GOT IT! Ha!!! I win!!! They ended up giving me a lot more for Myrtle, lowered the price of the car, AND they gave me an awesome interest rate. It was one of my most proud moments. πŸ™‚
And my new red Rav4 sure is sexy! Gotta think of a name for this guy!

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