All-Inclusive Amazingness

I’m back from my absolutely FABULOUS vacation! It was all that I imagined it would be and MORE. Picture the most awesome vacation you can think of and then multiply it by 100 – that was this vacation. It was “all-inclusive amazingness.” There was lots of relaxing, lots of eating, lots of drinking, lots of laughing, lots of playing, lots of dancing, lots of tanning, lots of floating…I could go on and on! The wedding was beautiful and the bride and groom were just glowing with happiness!

The highlights have to be the following:

  • The resort itself (The views of the ocean and the mountains were soooooooo beautiful.)
  • The Italian restaurant we ate at (Complete with an antipasto buffet – YUMMY!)
  • The jerk pork (From a grill right on the beach. No forks. Just some bread to sop up the sauce. Mmmmm!)
  • The swim-up bars (Getting thirsty while you are sunbathing on your float in the pool? No problem mon! Just float over to the swim-up bar and order a pina colada!)
  • The Cabaret (The dance club on the resort. SUPER fun!)
  • The Piano/Martini Bar (Where the bride’s father got a little tipsy and serenaded the guests at the resort.)
  • The coffee (Best. Coffee. Ever.)
  • The French Cafe (With tasty made-to-order crepes!)
  • The pineapple (It was white, not yellow, and oh so sweet and juicy!)
  • The spa (Margarita manicure? Yes please! And the lady that did my hair for the wedding is a hairstyling genius! She did a great job!)
  • Kayaking (I swear we saw about 50 starfish while out in the ocean.)

Like I said before, the whole trip was amazing. I was soooo happy we got to go. Not only just because it was super fun, but also because it was so special to be able to celebrate one of my best friends marriages. I am so happy for Lauren and Trea and I wish them many years of love and happiness!

Pics coming soon!

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