I won’t be eating ribs for a looooong time

Until my first ultraosund, this pregnancy had been a piece of cake. (Uggg…cake sounds gross…)

I really haven’t had any morning sickness.

The only craving I had was for jalapenos. (Which sound disgusting now…)

My vitamins haven’t made me nauseous.

And I haven’t had any food aversions….

Until yesterday.

Remember the story about the ribs? (Uggg…even typing the word makes me want to puke…)

Well the night after my parents came over, I decided we should go ahead and eat the ribs. (Bleck.)

Even though all day I was wanting a salad. A nice crisp salad with butter lettuce and real ranch dressing. (Which now sounds yucky…)

So even though ribs sounded a little gross to me, I got home and put them in the oven. (Thinking about the smell….ewwww!!!)

But I was fine. I ate the ribs. And I didn’t feel bad…YET…

The ribs were actually pretty good. (At least at that moment they were good…)

Well later that night, I was sooooooooooo incredibly nauseous. I couldn’t even tell Josh what was wrong. Every time I went to form the words in my head, it made me super sick to even think of the work “ribs.” I just lay on the couch and eventually feel asleep because I was so miserable. When I woke up later, I had to ask Josh to clean up the leftovers because I didn’t think I could look at the ribs again without throwing up. I went straight to bed. Even this morning when I woke up, I couldn’t think about ribs. Ewww!!!

So lesson learned. If a certain food seems a little gross to me…DON’T EAT IT!!!! You will regret it.

And I’m pretty sure I will not be eating ribs for the rest of my pregnancy.


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