I’ve been drooling over this rug from for 4 months. I haven’t bought it cuz it was waaay too expensive. Well on Monday I finally decided I wanted it bad enough. So I went to buy it and they were SOLD OUT!!!!! 🙁

I was so sad. *Sniff*

But I didn’t give up hope, I kept looking annnnnd SCORE! I found that rug somewhere else! AND you could order it through! My hubby said he’d order it for me so he could get Amazon points.

Well not only did my sweet hubby order that rug for me, he got me some discount and the rug was $100 cheaper!!! Woo hoo!

I love him. 🙂 And I hope I love the rug – I’ve only seen it online. When it’s delivered, I’ll take some pics.
And on another note:


Yes, we finally scheduled (well, paid for) our IKEA Home Kitchen Design Service. (They are supposed to call me this afternoon to schedule, but they already took my credit card payment over the phone…I hate giving my credit card number over the phone…)

So now we’ve put $249 non-refundable dollars down. We’ve got to do it now. 🙂

I am SUPER excited though. I can’t wait to have a beautiful new kitchen!! That kitchen designer better watch out though – I have a million questions. I know what style of everything I want, I’m just not sure of the layout. That’s what I really need help with. I know I want an island too, but we may end up waiting for that, depending on the cost.

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