2.5 more days until FREEDOM…sweet freedom!

Yeah, that’s right. Only 2 and a half more days until I have 11 straight days off from work. Eleven!!!!! Christmas Eve through the first Monday in January. AND that’s only using 4 vacation days! (Because that’s all I have left after using 5 in June and 1 in October. Boo.) I’m “working-from-home” on the 24th, taking the 27th as my Christmas holiday, using the 4 vacation days on the 28th through the 31st and then taking my New Years holiday on the 3rd! I can’t WAIT!

Since we’re not going anywhere, I’m making a list of fun stuff for me and the hubs to do during our time off. I’m sure we’ll work on the kitchen a lot too. (P.S. – the electrician is at my house RIGHT NOW installing my oven, stove, and microwave!!! I can’t wait to be able to cook again!)

I also need to start doing meal plans and setting some exercise goals. We’ve been eating out so much (since there’s no kitchen) and I’ve been too busy to do much exercising…I think I’ve gained 100,000,000 pounds.

Well, I’ve got lots of scanning to do, so off to the copy room I go.

Can’t wait until Thursday at 5pm!!!!!

Dining Dilemma

Everyday when noon rolls around, I have to make a decision. Where should I eat my lunch? And there’s really no good answer to that question…

I could eat in the breakroom. Which sounds like a good idea since the TV in the breakroom has cable (we canceled our cable at home) and I could get my Food Network fix…

But then I have to make small talk with everyone that walks by to use the microwave or grab a coke, or get some water, or pick up a spoon. By the time my lunch is over, I haven’t gotten to watch any of Paula Deen AND I’m exhausted from all the chit-chat!

I could eat at my desk. Which sounds like a good idea since I can get on Facebook and Blogger and email my friends…

But I don’t have an office with a door to close. So I end up jumping up, in mid-bite of my sandwich, to refill the printer paper for someone, or grab someone an envelop, or take notes for a project someone needs my help with. So after my lunch hour is over, I still haven’t finished eating, my soup is cold and I’m thinking that it’s time for a break from my lunch break!

I could eat in my car. Which sounds like a good idea because it’s nice and quiet…

But really, who wants to eat in their car? And who wants to be in the car anymore than we have to be? And in the summer it’s too hot and in the winter it’s too cold!

I could go out to lunch. Which sounds like a good idea because I could get out of the office and eat some yummy food.

But then I’d have to spend lots of money everyday. And drive to wherever I choose to eat. Which would waste time and gas!

Maybe I should just skip lunch. 🙂

Kitchen Renovation Weekend #5

More progress!
Putting together the lazy susan:

Finished lazy susan:

Cabinets with the pulls! (We’re still missing two drawers that Ikea didn’t have in stock. Hope they come in soon!)

The granite guy came today to measure for the granite template. I’ve changed my mind 3 times already about the granite color…I just can’t picture what it’s going to look like…

I’m ready to be finished!