How to Prepare a Fully Stocked Medicine Box

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Where there are kids, there are germs. All the parents out there know what I’m talking about! In the fall and winter, someone is almost always sick in our house. The kids bring home so many germs from school and we end up passing around all different types of sicknesses and ailments. I do my best to prevent sickness by making sure the kids are washing their hands and not having any play dates with children that are recovering from an illness. But no matter how hard I try, someone is bound to catch something and bring it home to infect us all!

How to Prepare a Fully Stocked Medicine Box #shop #HappilyStocked #CollectiveBias | How to Prepare a Fully Stocked Medicine Box #shop #HappilyStocked #CollectiveBias |


Having a fully stocked medicine box in our kitchen has come in handy so many times the past few years. You never know when someone is going to come down with something, and having different medicines and remedies readily available is great for when a bug hits our house. Because there’s nothing worse than having to take a sick child to the grocery store. Except for taking two sick children to the grocery store when you’re also not feeling well. Being prepared is key! Here’s how I prepare our medicine box.

1. Pick out a box.

There are tons of great storage solutions out there for medicine. I like keeping it simple and using a clear plastic box with a lid. But I’ve also seen some other great storage boxes with compartments or sections that would be great for organizing medicine.

How to Prepare a Fully Stocked Medicine Box #shop #HappilyStocked #CollectiveBias |

2. Stock up on all the different types of medicine and remedies your family might use.

I like to include the products below because I trust all of these brands, and you can find them all at your friendly neighborhood Kroger. Also, in the month of November, you can take advantage of some extra savings on these products at Kroger!

How to Prepare a Fully Stocked Medicine Box #shop #HappilyStocked #CollectiveBias |

Breathe Right Extra Clear

We love these strips because they really do relieve nasal congestion and they’re drug free. My husband always uses these when he’s sick. They’re safe to use with any medication and they’re super easy to apply. My husband has a hard time sleeping when he’s sick. These help him breath better so he can sleep better. He also uses these during allergy season to help with a stuffy nose from the pollen.

Dial Complete Pear Foam Soap

We’ve been using Dial soap for years. I love that it kills 99.9% of germs* and leaves my skin feeling hydrated and soft.

How to Prepare a Fully Stocked Medicine Box #shop #HappilyStocked #CollectiveBias |

Halls Honey Lemon Drops

I usually can’t stand the taste of throat lozenges, but the Halls Honey Lemon Drops are amazing. They’re what I always go for when I’ve got a scratchy throat.

Kleenex Anti-Viral Tissues

When my kids and husband are sick, I feel like all I do all day long is wipe noses and pick up dirty tissues. So I like to buy the Kleenex Anti-Viral Tissues to keep on hand. They’re soft enough so that my kids don’t run from me when they see me coming to wipe their noses. It’s obvious to see why Kleenex is the #1 consumer preferred tissue!


How to Prepare a Fully Stocked Medicine Box #shop #HappilyStocked #CollectiveBias |

Theraflu ExpressMax Severe Cold & Flu Syrup

Moms don’t have time to be sick. That’s why I like to use Theraflu ExpressMax Severe Cold & Flu Syrup. It treats 7 cold and flu symptoms – sore throat, nasal congestion, chest congestion, fever, cough, headache, and body aches. And it works fast!

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TYLENOL® Cold and Flu Severe Day/Night

My husband prefers using TYLENOL® Cold and Flu Severe Day/Night caplets when he’s sick. They’re easy to grab and throw into his laptop bag when he’s headed to work. So it’s perfect for busy moms and dads that are on-the-go.

3. Label your medicine box.

Of course, if you have a clear container, this step isn’t necessary. But who doesn’t love a cute label? Click here for my free printable medicine box label!


How to Prepare a Fully Stocked Medicine Box #shop #HappilyStocked #CollectiveBias |

4. Store your medicine box.

We store our box above our refrigerator in the kitchen. It’s convenient, and keeps the medicine cool, dry, and out of the reach of our children.

So if you want to be prepared this germ season for any illnesses that might hit your home, make sure to stop by Kroger and stock your family’s medicine box with all of these great products!


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Theraflu: Read and follow label directions. Theraflu is for use in adults 12 years and older. Use products only as directed. 
TYLENOL®: © Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. 2016. Use only as directed. The makers of TYLENOL® remind you to use only one medicine with acetaminophen at a time.

How to Prepare a Fully Stocked Medicine Box #shop |

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