Graham is 9 months!

So this post is super late. I’ve been busy chasing a baby around! Let me see what I can remember about your 9th month Mr. Graham…
9 months! You’ve been outside of my tummy longer than you were inside! And oh how much you’ve grown. You are 20lbs 4oz (69%) and 30in long (95%) with a big old head in the 96th percentile!! Gotta be big to hold your big brain. 🙂


I’ve been dressing you each day in a 9 month outfit, just to wear them one last time. They’re getting pretty tight – on to 12 month clothes! You’re still in size 3 diapers.


You eat like a champ. (Can’t believe you once were a tiny little thing who wouldn’t eat!) You have 4 to 5 bottles a day of 6 to 7 ounces each. And we’ve moved to three real meals a day. You love feeding yourself, so we mostly do finger foods. (Steamed veggies, cut up fruit, small soft pieces of meat, string cheese, etc.) We’ve also practiced with a few of those food pouches. They’re convenient when we’re on the go. And you love love love puffs!


You’re starting to throw fits when you don’t get your way. Luckily you’re pretty easy to distract. (And you look adorable, even when you’re crying!)
When we went to the doctor for your 9 month appointment, she was concerned you weren’t pulling up yet. She said she’d give you until 10 months and then she might have us do some physical therapy. (Same thing happened when you didn’t want to support your head.) Well wouldn’t ya know, the very next day you started pulling up. Stinker. 🙂
You are a friendly baby – you let anyone and everyone hold you. Sometimes I wish you were a little more attached to me, but at least I don’t have to worry about you crying when I leave you with your grandparents and drop you off in the nursery at church.


Showing some Waumba Land spirit!
P.S. This is one of my all time fav pics of you. 🙂


You love your dada. You say his name ALL the time. You only say mama when you’re upset an whining. (Gee, thanks.) We went to visit him at work this month and you loved playing with his calculator. Are you going to follow in his footsteps and be a CPA?


We’ve always called you “busy boo” (as well as a million other nicknames) and this month you’re really living up to that name. You play play play all day. Toys are ok, but you really like remotes, cell phones, cords and the dogs. You’re keeping me on my toes!
Helping fold a mountain of laundry.
We tried out Gymboree early in the month. (They offer a free trial class.) It was alright. I think we both enjoyed the “mommy and me” water aerobics class we were taking more. And the price is def better for the water aerobics. (Gymboree is expensive!) And, not gonna lie, the clown mascot kind of freaked me out.
You love to play in your baby pool on the back porch.


Oh my goodness – can this pic be any more adorable?!?!

You also love swinging in your swing. Sometimes it’s too much fun and it wears you out. 🙂

 I swear we normally put clothes on you when we take you outside!
The baby pool pic and the swing pic were from the same day.

You saw your first Laser Show. I was afraid the fireworks and loud music would scare you, but you loved it! You were mesmerized the entire time.


We finally installed your “big boy car seat” (after letting it sit in the box in our kitchen for a month).



It’s getting a little harder to go out to eat with you. You want to play with everything on the table.
Eatin’ Cherrios with chopsticks!
You had your finger pricked at the doctors. You were NOT happy about it. And then you stared at the band aid for 20 minutes trying to figure it out.
What a fun month! We love you Busy Boo!


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