Graham is 8 months!

Baby Graham,

Here we are at 8 months! You are an absolute doll. You get cuter and cuter every day!

We’ve had a bit of a set back in the sleeping department, but in all you are still a very easy baby. I think our sleeping issues have to do with teething and separation anxiety. You’ve been working on your top two teeth this month and they really must be bothering you. Poor guy. I didn’t even know you were teething with your first two teeth, but the top ones must hurt more. You’ve been waking up 2-6 times a night crying. Luckily, all we have to do is go in your room and stick the pacifier in your mouth and you go back to sleep right away. Bedtime and naps are a different story. You WILL NOT NAP nowadays. I have to lay down with you in the bed and 30 minutes later you’ll FINALLY fall asleep. Usually I end up taking a nap too since I’m laying there so long. Daddy rocks you to sleep at night and it takes just as long. We miss the days when we just laid you down, kissed you goodnight and you put yourself to sleep. But I do love all the snuggling so I won’t complain too much.

Your biggest accomplishment this month – scooting! You can scoot backwards and around in a circle, but not forwards…and not towards whatever it is your trying to reach. Which can make for a very frustrated, fussy baby some days. We need to start baby-proofing the house because you’re never in the same spot if I set you down for a while and come back.


You also said a few more words this month – “shhh” and “tickle.” Tickle sounds more like “ter-ker” but it’s close enough! One time, you were holding your sock monkey toy and saying “Ter-ker, ter-ker, ter-ker.” You were tickling him! So cute.
You’ve been taking baths in the tub like a big boy. You love playing and splashing!
You’re still loving Lacey and Jack. You laugh and giggle at them all day. Lacey even lets you pet her and poke at her eyes. She loves you! You’ve also been barking a lot. (It sounds like a loud, high pitched quick scream.) Wonder who taught you how to do that?


You went to your first Braves game this month! (And they won!) You were pretty good for most of the game. We kept you out past your bedtime though and you let us know that that wasn’t a good idea…




Peepaw took you on his 4-wheeler for the first time. I’m sure you’ll give me a heart attack riding on this one day!


Graham, you are such a joy to me. I can’t wait to see what the next month brings!



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