Dream a little dream…

I haven’t written in a while, no excuse other than I haven’t had much to talk about. I guess the words flow more freely when my life isn’t going the way I planned. 🙂 And my life is pretty peachy right now!

So for today, since I have nothing more interesting to talk about, I would like to share a dream. My DREAM kitchen. You see, I love to cook. (Except for during the work week. I hate coming home from a long, hard day and standing in the kitchen and cooking for an hour. But on the weekends, I LOVE to cook.) I used to watch the food network for hours on end (before we canceled our cable to save money when I got laid off) and I love getting in the kitchen and making something tasty. But ever since we bought our house back in December of 2008, THIS is what I have been cooking in:

(This picture is of the kitchen before we moved in. Since then, we have made a few updates, but the kitchen still looks pretty ugly.)

Not very inspiring. I’d rather cook in one of these:

Now, to be fair, there are a few parts of my kitchen I do love. Like my 1950’s pink oven. So cute!!! And it still works! AND it matches my pink kitchen aid mixer. I LOVE pink.

My pink oven!

I also love the little shelves next to my window. But for the most part, the kitchen is terrible. The cabinets are so old and they smell and I never feel like they are clean (even though my mom and I SCRUBBED the heck out of them when I first moved in). The hardware is UG-LY! The countertops are ok…but they are warped from water. The skink is gross. When we moved in, the stovetop got hot, but wouldn’t boil water. You could sit a pot on the stove, turn it on high, and wait an hour and it wouldn’t boil. (Not very useful when my husband and I both love pasta.) So we got a new stovetop with our home warranty, but apparently, they don’t make them anymore in the size that fits the whole in our countertop. So we have a hole next to the stove where food and dust falls down onto my pots. So sanitary.

You can kind of see the hole in this pic (above my tasty pies).

And the floor is ugly too!!!

So, we’ve lived with this kitchen for over a year. And I think it’s been long enough. Right now, Ikea (I love you Ikea!) is offering 20% off their kitchens until May 2nd. So we’re thinking about taking our tax refund and whatever money we can save until the end of April and re-doing our terrible kitchen.

Now all I need to do is to talk my father-in-law into installing those beautiful Ikea cabinets. 🙂

*I wrote this blog early last week. Since then, I have had to drop $600 on a new radiator for my car that broke down last Friday. Soooooooo, probably won’t be updating the kitchen anytime soon. 🙁

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