Day Trip to Helen (and some more food pics)

Wosh! I’ve been super busy at work lately and haven’t had a chance to blog. But today is super slow. I hope the entire week isn’t going to be like this…

This weekend, the hubby and I decided to take a day trip up to Helen, GA. Helen is a cheesy, kitschy (thanks for that word Lauren!), touristy town modeled to look like Germany. But as silly as the town is, I love it! My parents have a timeshare in Helen, so I grew up going almost every year. Josh and I also went to Helen early on in our relationship, so I have sweet memories from that time as well.

So on Saturday, we drove up there for the day. We watched the GA game for a while at a margarita bar, walked around the shops, sat and chatted for a while on a bench at a park, went to Betty’s country store, people watched, and ended the day with some fudge for Josh and a caramel apple for me. YUM! It was such a wonderful day. We haven’t spent any quality time together lately – he’s been working late every night and then we’ve been busy on the weekends or too exhausted to do much more than zone out in front of the TV. So we really enjoyed our romantic day trip to Helen!

I’ve also been cooking up a storm lately. Here are some pictures. (I can’t WAIT to re-do the kitchen so I don’t have to have such an ugly backdrop for my food pics!)

Pasta from the Farmer’s Market with Puttanesca Sauce





Mango Margaritas (Josh actually made these – yum!)


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