Creative Ways to Entertain Baby (and keep mom from going crazy)

Summer days are LONG. I swear, everyday I get exhausted from chasing Graham around and I look at the clock and it’s only 8:55am! I think, “What the hell are we going to do all day?!” Here’s a few ways I keep Graham (and Mama) entertained.
Go to Bass Pro to look at the fish.


Visit Daddy for lunch and play with his calculator.


“Cook.” (Especially helpful for when you are visiting friends who don’t have kids. Instant toys.)


Take selfies with your phone.


Fill an empty tissue box with washcloths and go to town pulling them all out.


A tablespoon or two of flour. This gave me enough time to cook dinner AND whip up a dessert.
Walk around the house…for hours…stooped over like this. No wonder my back is killing me…


Walk at the park. One of my fav things to do!


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One Reply to “Creative Ways to Entertain Baby (and keep mom from going crazy)”

  1. yep! This looks like what we've been up to, too! At this age I think it's a bit easier to keep them entertained! I'm wondering how it will be when my little guy is older. And the kitchen utensils are the best- give him a pot and a spoon and he'll go to town! (in the other room, of course!).

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