35 Weeks!

How far along? 35 looong weeks. This pregnancy seems to be moving slower and slower the closer we get to the end!

Maternity clothes? Yep. My belly is getting huge. I can still wear some of my regular dresses, but I’m worried I’m stretching them out!
Stretch marks? Not yet.

Sleep: Eh. I’m up a lot to pee. But I can usually go right back to sleep.

Best moment this week: I threw a small, informal surprise “beer and diapers man shower” for Josh. He was totally surprised and kept telling me that I was the best wife ever. πŸ™‚

Miss Anything? Sleeping through the night, not feeling huge, having small, un-swollen feet, wearing my wedding rings…this list is starting to get long. Come on Baby D!

Movement: Not as much as before. Baby is getting bigger and has less room to move. He’s wiggling around near my belly button right now though.:)

Food cravings: Green grapes this week. They’ve been yummy!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.

Gender: Sweet boy! (Why is this question on here each time? It’s not like the gender is going to change!) πŸ™‚

Labor Signs: Yesterday, I was feeling SO much pressure down there. Every time I stood up, it felt like the baby was going to fall out! Today is better though. I guess it was just how he was positioned.

Symptoms: My feet and hands are pretty swollen now. I hate how they look. πŸ™ My hands get so swollen while I sleep that they hurt. And my belly is HUGE!

Belly Button in or out? Still in, but it looks way different.

Wedding rings on or off? Both are off. So sad.

Mood: Ok…I’m not gonna lie – I’m getting pretty uncomfortable and impatient. And I still have over a month to go! I’m trying to stay positive though. The longer he stays in, the healthier he’ll be. But I sure can’t wait to meet him!

Looking forward to: Finishing the baby’s room, installing the car seat and…going into labor! πŸ™‚

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