Viva Italia – Day 4 – Rome

Today was great! Early morning tour of the Vatican (thank goodness for Skip-the-Line tours – a MUST here) and the Sistine Chapel (beautiful!).




The God of Wine 🙂




A random toe.



At the Vatican, I took a picture with Diana, the goddess of fertility. I posted the pic on Facebook, tagging my mom and my mother-in-law saying, “I took this picture for you two!” Lol!

The Sistine Chapel really was amazing. My neck hurt after we were done from staring at the ceiling! You couldn’t talk or take pics in the chapel – they even had 2 guards in there that kept chanting, “Noooo phoootooos” and then they’d say, “Shhhhh!” It was pretty funny.

Even though you weren’t supposed to talk in the chapel, our guide was able to point out a few things right before we left. There were 2 places on the ceiling where Michelangelo painted his likeness/face into the mural. One was in the picture of the last judgement – St. Bartholomew was holding his skin (in the bible he was skinned alive) and Michelangelo painted his face on the skin. Creepy! The other spot was in the back on a picture of a guy laying headless on a bed and two women carrying his head in a basket – that head had the face of Michelangelo.
And the BEST part of the Sistine Chapel – the DRAAAAMAAAA that happened! Again, picture us in the chapel – this beautiful, sacred place where people we just staring in awe at the beautiful murals. We were PACKED in like sardines in there – it was crazy crowded. And hard to move around. One of the older, American ladies that was with our tour, apparently got bumped by an Asian woman from another tour. Well the American lady turned around and PUSHED – like SHOVED the Asian lady, almost knocking her over!!! I still can’t believe that happened! I mean, who does that? The Asian lady just stared the American lady down. (Good for her! I might have started a fight if it had been me!) THEN the American lady turned to her husband and started complaining about the “stupid Japanese tourists.” Geez. No wonder everyone hates Americans!!

We couldn’t go to St. Peter’s because the Pope was having mass. Seriously – someone should have told him Holly and Josh were coming so he could have rescheduled!


On the way back from the tour, we got off the bus right at the Trevi Fountain and toured around a bit more on our own. We walked around the outside of the Colosseum again too. Our feet were killing us, so we took a break on some steps overlooking the Colosseum. It was fun sitting there and people watching! Josh and Holly, just sittin’ and relaxin’ in Italy. Normal day, right? Ha!

The place we choose for lunch that day was alright…def not the best meal we had. I had gnocchi with 4 cheese sauce and Josh had spaghetti with seafood. I had caffe after the meal, which was the best part – mmmm!

Just sitting outside a ristorante in Rome, watching people walk by on the street, drinking caffe, with the Italian Flag in the background. You know, a normal day. 🙂



This pic cracks me up! Josh took a bunch of these pics of me looking sideways – we were just trying to take an artistic picture. The lady behind me must have wondered what I kept looking at – so she looked over too!





For dinner, we tried to go somewhere new, but after sitting at a table for 20 minutes we figured maybe the waiter didn’t want to serve us because we were American? We left and went to the same restaurant we went to the first night – yum! At the restaurant, the waiter (which was the same guy we had the 1st time) told us we ordered wine the wrong way (the American way). He said Americans order wine before they order the food. The Italian way is to order food and then pair the wine with what you’ve ordered to eat. We figured he was just trying to talk us into buying a more expensive wine. But he was really nice and fun to talk to, so we let him suggest something. I can’t remember what it was, but it was delish! I had steak with rosemary oil and Josh had some type of pasta…can’t remember more than that.

We had a great time in Rome, despite our dinner adventures on our last night. Off to Sorrento tomorrow!

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