Neato! Finding the FUN at Work

There are very few things at work that I find truly “fun.” (Read my whiny post here.)
But lately, I’ve been trying find happiness in the little things in life. So for the next few blog posts, I’d like to share with you the small parts of my job that I actually enjoy. We’ll call this series “Finding the FUN at Work.”
First off –
“The Neato”
Otherwise titled “How to put a CD cover onto a CD”
1. Peel off your CD label
2. Grab your Neato (I LOVE that it’s call theNeato!)
3. Put the CD Label onto the Neato, sticky side up
4. Put the CD onto the Neato
5. Push down
6. Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it…
POP! The CD pops up and…ta-dah! You have a perfectly aligned CD cover. NEATO! (Uunfortunately, I can’t show you a picture of the finished product because it is confidential. Boo.)
But I sure do love when that CD pops up! It’s kind of like a jack-in-the-box. And I have to smile every time. 🙂
Like I said, you have to find fun in the little things in life. 🙂

Tune in next time for another installment of “Finding the FUN at Work!”

And I’ll leave you today with these ADORABLE pictures of my baby boy helping me put up the laundry.
He’s so goofy!

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