My husband is Superman

Well, Josh actually prefers Spiderman-that’s his favorite super hero. But the other day, my hubby was Superman for a little girl in Ann Taylor Loft.

There we were – shopping for my birthday. I had been to Charming Charlies and didn’t find any clothes I liked! I was so sad since I had a gift card – I really wanted to buy something!! So we walked into Ann Taylor Loft. (And yes, my husband is awesome for taking me shopping in the first place and standing there while I take FOREVER looking at this, picking out that, deciding which color I like…fun stuff for him, I’m sure…)

Anyway, I’m looking at a rack, deciding if I want to try on something and when I turn around to talk to Josh, he is walking over to a little girl who is in her mother’s arms – just CRYING her little eyes out. Her mother was saying to her, “Well, it’s your fault-you let it go!” That’s when I saw there was a balloon on the ceiling, just out of the mom’s reach – a balloon that my tall husband was reaching for and then handed back to the little girl. My heart melted. I turned away, so no one would see my huge smile. I heard the little girl say in her shaking, crying, adorable little voice, “Thank you.”

I love my husband – and I am so proud of the man he is. He’s my Superman!

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