Graham’s First Christmas

Yeah yeah yeah – it’s February and I’m posting about Christmas.
But I just LOVE all the pics we took during the Christmas season!
Our Christmas card!
And on the back of the Christmas card – Graham’s birth announcement!
Great way to save some $ on stamps, right?
I took Graham to Bass Pro Shop to meet Santa. You get a free 5×7 pic with Santa at Bass Pro. But since I’m a first time mommy, I ended up buying a photo package anyway. It saved me the extra step of ordering the Grandparents a copy. And this may be the only pic of Graham and Santa for the next few years where he’s not crying.


Riding the carousel with mommy!


Two reindeer!


Sad Santa! This pic cracks me up!


My baby’s gotta huge head.
Picking out a tree!


Sweet smile.


Mommy and Graham




Our little family.




Josh’s side of the family. Lol!
Awesome bib made by an awesome friend!


Fistpump, Christmas, Presents!


Where’d Graham go?


I love my present from Santa!


Wrapping paper is fun.


New stockings!
Whew! Christmas is exhausting!


What a wonderful Christmas!

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