Graham is 6 Months!

Baby Graham – I’m doing your 6th month post even though you’re 1/2 way through your 7 month. I just can’t seem to find time to blog!
At the end of your 6th month, something clicked and you started doing something new almost every day!!
Rockin’ the Toms.
You’ve started sitting up on your own.
Chunky thighs – I love ’em!
You learned how to clap. Most – adorable – thing – ever!!!
We went on our first trip as a family of 3 – just a quick weekend trip to Callaway Gardens.
You got your first cold – poor baby. Talk about some snot…gross. You had your first big old snot bubble – ew!
Sick baby and sick mommy.
You also went fishin’ for the first time with your Peepa. Too cute!
Your doctor wanted us to start giving you a sippy cup. You mostly just chew on it for now. Must feel good on those teeth!
The Easter bunny brought you a sippy cup, bananas (your fav) and some natural sunscreen.
You really started babbling and talking. You’re usually a pretty quiet guy, but you have your talkative moments!
I’m still making all of your food. I love it! This month you tried carrots, asparagus and peas. You’re such a good eater.
You’ve been really interested in toys this month too. Lots of play time!
Not sure you have enough toys. 🙂
And there’s been lots and lots of drooling from cutting teeth.
I’m sure you were saying “Gee!” (You said that all the time during your 6th month.)
Baby Graham, you’re turning into an adorable little boy. We love you so much!


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