2.5 more days until FREEDOM…sweet freedom!

Yeah, that’s right. Only 2 and a half more days until I have 11 straight days off from work. Eleven!!!!! Christmas Eve through the first Monday in January. AND that’s only using 4 vacation days! (Because that’s all I have left after using 5 in June and 1 in October. Boo.) I’m “working-from-home” on the 24th, taking the 27th as my Christmas holiday, using the 4 vacation days on the 28th through the 31st and then taking my New Years holiday on the 3rd! I can’t WAIT!

Since we’re not going anywhere, I’m making a list of fun stuff for me and the hubs to do during our time off. I’m sure we’ll work on the kitchen a lot too. (P.S. – the electrician is at my house RIGHT NOW installing my oven, stove, and microwave!!! I can’t wait to be able to cook again!)

I also need to start doing meal plans and setting some exercise goals. We’ve been eating out so much (since there’s no kitchen) and I’ve been too busy to do much exercising…I think I’ve gained 100,000,000 pounds.

Well, I’ve got lots of scanning to do, so off to the copy room I go.

Can’t wait until Thursday at 5pm!!!!!

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