You probably shouldn’t be watching this on the breakroom tv…

I just walked into the breakroom to dump my cherry coke zero can into the recycling bin.

“La la la, walking to the breakroom, mindin’ my own business, do dah.”

And the TV in the breakroom was on.

“Geez – ppl around here always leave this on! I’ll be nice and turn it off after I dump this can…”

But before I could, I heard some guy on the station say, “He sure has had a lot of sex this year!”

“WHAT?! What did he just say?!”

I whipped around to see what was on.

“What the heck was someone watching in our breakroom?!?!?!”


But then I realized it was ESPN. And the guy had said “sacks” not “sex” …which makes a LOT more sense.


It’s FRIDAY!!! Only an hour and a half until 5pm! Woo hoo!


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