Viva Italia – Day 6 and Day 7 – Amalfi Coast and Pompeii


RAIN! Booooooooooo! We had to take an expensive cab to catch the bus for our Amalfi Drive tour (no shuttle that early). Then it rained for most of the tour and we got soaked. But – the views were amazing and we took the most stunning pictures during this part of our trip. We also had a nice lunch with a couple from the UK. (They talked a lot about 9/11 and the royal wedding. And they totally used the phrase “fortnight” – it was awesome!)


Madonna holding her child


Fresh squeeze Amalfi orange juice – yum yum yum!!





It took all my will power not to stand next to this and mimic the statue in the middle at the bottom. Lol!


Do you see me?


Look at the size of those meringues!











My Toms! I wore these the entire trip – so comfy!






The Sleeping Giant – do you see him?
By the end of the tour, we were pretty miserable – cold, wet, tired, and sad that it rained and the tour was cut short. 🙁 When we got back to the hotel we changed and warmed up and then realized the next tram back down to the town wasn’t until 8:45! (A cleaver ploy to get you to eat dinner at their hotel restaurant.) Since we didn’t want to spend that much money again, we decided to order room service and stay in. And what a great idea that was! Josh had a hamburger – it was actually really tasty! I had a sandwich and we shared some fries. It was filling and one of the most affordable meals we had. AND we didn’t have to go back out in the rain. We also shared some of the limoncello we’d bough. A nice night in!
“Room service! You want me fluff your pillow?” Name that movie!


Morning in Sorrento!

The next morning we traveled to Pompeii. This time on the local train, there was an ENTIRE band playing and begging for money – complete with an accordion player!

We didn’t have a guided tour of Pompeii, which was a bad decision. We had no clue what we were looking at most of the time and we got lost at one point. But we still had a good time. I’ve always been fascinated with Pompeii ever since I watch a movie during elementary school about it, so it was awesome to finally see it in person!










Who knew they had a vineyard in Pompeii?











We ate lunch at a place near Pompeii – Josh had pasta carbonara and I had a grilled sandwich with prosciutto, mozzarella and tomato. I also go a cappuccino – very tasty!



Goofy face, but the sandwich looks awesome. Mmm!


Josh’s 1/2 eaten carbonara.


We went back to Sorrento and shopped around all afternoon. Then did a quick trip back up to the hotel to change for dinner.








We tried to have dinner at a place recommended by the hotel, but we couldn’t find it! So we ended up at a fancy place with an Italian guitar player walking around. We didn’t get any wine (too expensive) but the guy singing and playing the guitar was fun. Josh even tipped him and asked him if he’d take a picture with me. I was sooooooooo embarrassed!

For dinner, Josh had pasta carbonara AGAIN (guess I know what I need to learn to make when we get home) and I had a pasta dish with red sauce, tomatoes, mozzarella, eggplant, and basil. It had a long Italian name and I took a stab at saying it when I ordered. The waiter totally laughed at me. Oh well!



I look so awkward….


The bus back to the hotel didn’t pick up until 11pm, so we walked and walked and walked. We stopped and bought a bottle of wine to drink in the hotel, but we realized we didn’t have a corkscrew! The wine was 3 euros and the only corkscrew we could find to buy was 4 euros…so we passed and didn’t end up drinking wine that night. We made one more stop at a crepe place and split a nutella crepe – mmm! That night, we didn’t get to bed until midnight, even though we had to get up at 6am the next morning for our wine tour in Tuscany.

A few last things about Sorrento:

There were a million British kids touring around. Josh and I figured it must be their fall break.

Riding around Sorrento and Amalfi was SCARY! There were tons of one lane roads curving up the mountains – yikes! The huge tour bus we were on during the Amalfi drive had to back up ¼ of a mile at one point because a delivery truck was driving up the road. At least he was a safe driver – hands on the wheel and never on his cell phone.

There was an orange tabby cat at the hotel. He came into the restaurant during breakfast one morning – the waiters didn’t seem to care!

At the fancy restaurant (where Josh made me take a pic with the guitar player) a dog walked into the outdoor seating area where we were eating. I figured the waiters would shoo him out, but instead a woman brought him out a plate of dog food and fed him right outside the restaurant. He was so cute – soft and brown with big sad puppy dog eyes. After he ate his plate of food, he came back into the outdoor seating area and lay down and took a nap. It made me miss my puppies SO much!

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