Viva Italia! – Day 3 – Rome


1st full day in Rome! WOW!

We started out with a little breakfast, which was served in our room at the romantic bed and breakfast!



We thought we were going to miss our tour since we didn’t realize the meeting point wasn’t walking distance from the bed and breakfast. Oops! But we made it to the Metro and all the way to the Coliseum in a 1/2 hour and got there right on time!

The tour was so awesome! The Coliseum was just…wow. Just SO cool! HUGE and so old. It was was amazing to think of all the gladiators that fought there. After the Coliseum, we went to the Forum – also crazy to think about how old the monuments there are. We saw Cesar’s remains and the Temple of Vestas. The history was so interesting! We also saw lots of Triumph Arches. After an emperor won a battle, they would have a parade and build a huge arch to pass under in remembrance. Then every emperor after that would have to pass under the last guy’s arch and remember the battles that were won before him.






Professional tug-of-war players.







Caesar’s remains.







After that, we walked to the Trevi Fountain. On the way, we saw Mussolini’s balcony and Emanuel’s Plaza (our guide said that Italians call it the wedding cake because it looks like a huge white wedding cake). I threw a coin backwards into the Trevi Fountain – that means that I’ll come back to Rome one day!



Next, we saw the Pantheon – it’s weird to think of how when it rains, it rains right into the Pantheon!

Lunch that day:

Josh – Fungi ravioli
Holly – Fettuccine with salmon and shrimp
We also split an antipasto platter which was super yummy. It had mozzarella cheese (that almost squirted all over me when I tried to cut it) 3 types of meat, artichokes, sun dried tomatoes, olives and some tiny peppers. Mmm!! And we had our first gelato!!!!! I had caffè and Josh had limoncello.

Half of the antipasto platter



After our tour, we walked around a bit more and then went back to rest a while at the hotel.

For dinner, we went to a little pizza place that had a brick oven. The guys making the pizza seriously twirled the dough up in the air. So much fun! We split a pizza with 4 flavors – (1) margarita pizza with rocket (tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil and arugula), (2) something that started with a D (onions, smoked mozzarella and peppers), (3) gorgonzola, (4) fungi (mushrooms). We also had another tasty bottle of red wine and more tiramisu.

Awesome day in Rome!!


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