Graham is One!

Dear sweet Graham,

So I never wrote your 12 month post…and now you’re almost 15 months. Time flies when you’re having fun!

And boy – have we been having fun! We’ve finally gotten into a great groove. Here’s what our schedule is like now:

Mondays – We grocery shop and plan play dates.
Tuesday – You go to Mother’s Morning Out and I work in the morning. After your nap, we hang out at home, go for a walk or run errands.
Wednesday – You go to Mother’s Morning Out and I actually have my morning out! This is the day I run errands that would be annoying to take you to (like going to the doctor, getting my hair cut, etc). The afternoon is similar to Tuesday’s afternoon.
Thursday – Grandparent’s day! My parents watch you most of the day while I work.
Friday – Another chill day of errands or play dates or hanging out at home.

The weeks fly by and I love spending time with you – you’re my little sidekick. I love to dress us alike. (I know you’ll think that’s super lame when you’re older, so I’ll do it now as much as I can!)

You love “school” (the MMO program). You almost never cry when I drop you off. You’re usually already playing with some of the toys when I walk out the door. Your teacher says you like to copy the other kids and you bring me the cutest art projects that I proudly display on the fridge and at work.


Most days you just take one big afternoon nap – sometimes up to 3 hours! The days that you get two naps in, you usually take about a 30 minute AM nap and an hour PM nap.

You’re becoming a picky eater. I try to roll with it. You LOVE peanut butter and jelly, mandarin oranges and bananas. Really anything sweet you love. You’re not a big fan of vegetables and meat. And you don’t like pasta! Crazy kid.

You’re still drinking out of a bottle 2 or 3 times a day. Everything I’ve read says you should only be using sippy cups now. But really, what’s the harm? You don’t drink as much milk out of a sippy cup and I want to make sure you get the minimum 16 ounces a day you’re suppose to have. You love to sling your sippy cups around and bang them on the floor, the table, the tv stand…so milk ends up everywhere. So I think we’ll keep the bottles around a little longer.

You’re a great sleeper. Your Dada does your nightly routine – brush teeth, pjs, diaper change, read, sing, bed. You go down drowsy, but awake and put yourself to sleep. You still use a paci and you have chosen a lovie – a yellow Dr. Seuss stuffed animal we’ve named Mr. Yellow since we have no idea what his real name is. You usually sleep 11 to 12 hours a night.

You recently cut two back teeth and were waking up a few times at night for about a week. But you put yourself back to sleep every time except for twice. I rocked you one time until you fell asleep. I didn’t mind one bit! Loved snuggling with you in the middle of the night like we used to. Every now and then that’s ok, but let’s not make it a habit! The other time you ended up in bed with us. The 5am wake up call we got that day reminded us why you don’t sleep in our bed. You were babbling on and on, smacking us on the back and crawling all over us…at 5am…

You’re in size 4 diapers and are wearing 12 month and 18 month clothing.

You’re still not fully walking. You are perfectly capable of it – you take 4-5 steps on your own all the time. But you can crawl faster than you can walk and you still don’t have enough confidence to walk on your own all of the time. So you still crawl 90% of the time.

You are talking like CRAZY! You basically try to repeat everything I say. You can communicate really well too. You ask for your baba (bottle), wawa (water), and bite (a bite of something). You say dada, mama, ball, tree, leaves, shoe, nose, eye, teeth, Jack, two, TV, rock, hi, bye-bye and a lot of other words I can’t remember right now. You can point out a lot of body parts (eyes, nose, teeth, ears, fingers, toes and belly button) and you say choo-choo when you see and train and beep-beep when you see a car. On command, you can clap your hands, wave, and start “itsy bitsy spider” (you put your hands together). You point the remote at the TV and say “TV!” You also put phones up to your ear and say “Hi!”

You’re so smart and talkative and cute and funny. Love you so much!



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