Flashback Friday

That’s me and my sweet little nephew when he was a baby! He just had his 5th bday party a few weeks ago. Time sure does go by fast! (Note to self – make Josh text me the pics from my nephew’s bday party so I can post them. The pics are super cute!) My niece looks like a young lady now…it seems like just yesterday I was holding her in her little newborn UGA onesie…so precious…

Anyway, I love my niece and nephew – they really are the CUTEST kids in the world! I don’t get to see them as much as I’d like to…which is sad since they really don’t live that far away. I’ve gotta make more of an effort to drive up to see them! Plus my sister’s about to have another baby! I’m SO excited. It’s another girl and she’s due early November. Wee!

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