Viva Italia! – Day 2 – Rome


Ok – getting here SUCKED! But we’re here in Rome now and I’ve had a nap and a shower…so I feel a tad more human. The flight was SO long and I couldn’t sleep at all…

Woke up at 7:30am yesterday morning.
At work by 8:30am, worked until noon.
Drove home, finished packing, drove to the airport.
Flight left at 4:45pm ET.
We arrived in Italy at 8:35am (which was 2:35am ET).
3 hour van ride to the bed and breakfast – arriving around noon (6am ET).
Our room wasn’t ready, so we walked around Rome for 2.5 hours (8:30 am ET).

So I was up 25 hours with no sleep. I’m surprised I didn’t die!

When we arrived at the bed and breakfast, the van driver (who was probably in a bad mood from the stupid American girls who were riding with us that were being very rude) dropped us off in front of this old building and sped away. Luckily, Josh saw a tiny sign with the name of our bed and breakfast on it. So we walked into the building, dragging our luggage behind us. We needed to get to the 4th floor, and the building had the crazy old elevator that looked like it was built in 1910. Josh was brave and made us get in. I was super scared!



But we made it…and then our room wasn’t ready. *sigh* By this time, we were so ready to crash. We left our luggage there and walked around Rome for a few hours. I swear – we probably looked like zombies. We had our first meal in Italy – some pizza (mozzarella, tomatoes and evoo – mmmm!) and looked around in some shops.

First meal in Italy!!

When we were finally able to check in to our room, we took a nice 3 hour nap.

The bed and breakfast room is so pretty, and it has a lovely balcony!


The view from the balcony!

Off to dinner!(Later that night)

Dinner. Was. Amazing!!!

We went to this little place recommended by the front desk clerk of our bed and breakfast. Josh had pasta a la carbonara. I had fettuccine bolognese. Both were so good!!! We split a bottle of the most tasty red wine ever and had some awesome tiramisu for dessert. Yum-o!







Super excited for tomorrow! We’re touring the Coliseum and the Forum, and seeing the Trevi Fountain!
Buona notte!

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