The Best Decision I Ever Made

About two months ago, I made a decision that would forever change my life for the better…

I got a maid service.

I know what you’re thinking…
“Wow – she must be rich.” (No, we’re not.)
“Doesn’t she only work part-time? She only has one kid. She has plenty of time to clean!” (I know, I know!)


It is SO worth it.

They come every other week. I still pick up millions of toys, do countless loads of laundry, load-unload-load-unload-load-unload the dishwasher, vacuum tumbleweeds of dog hair daily and sweep up puffs and Cheerios that are scattered all over the floor.

But to know that I don’t have to do the deep cleaning that my house needs is so…freeing!! I was really starting to feel dragged down by all the cleaning. And a dirty house bothers me so much more now that I’m home…in it all day.

And on the days when the maids come to clean – when I get home from running errands and my house looks like something out of a magazine…ahhhhhh. Such an amazing feeling.

I know it’s an extra expense and I’m blessed that we are able to afford it.

But I’m so happy I did it!

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4 Replies to “The Best Decision I Ever Made”

  1. We have one too and it's the most amazing thing ever. She does our "deep cleaning" and I (try to) keep the house straightened. I would gladly pay what we do to never EVER clean a toilet again! So worth it!

  2. Good for you!! You know what, I've thought about this a ton. I almost feel guilty for wanting to do it because I stay at home, but sometimes it's exhausting getting every little nook and cranny all the time. I think if we had the extra cash, I'd totally do it, though, as a gift to myself for doing every thing else! haha

  3. We have a cleaning lady and she is my saving grace! She was my "Christmas present" when I was pregnant with Liam and working full time, and we love her so much she is still with us 2+ years later! I agree there is still tons to do around the house, but it's such a nice treat to have someone else do the deep cleaning 🙂

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