New Hair!

This past Saturday, I did something very uncharacteristic.

I changed my hair.

I’ve pretty much had the same hair since I was in middle school: long, parted on the right side, strait, natural color.
Typical “Holly hair”:

Except –
One time I put in blonde highlights (When I went to the Bahamas in college).

One time I dyed it red at home. (Thank GOD that was a temp color and washed out after 30 washes. It looked terrible!)

One time I dyed it red at the hair dresser. (And that actually looked pretty good.) 🙂
Red hair:

One time I chopped it all of for locks-of-love. (That’s when I realized I look terrible with short hair.)
Short hair + chubby face = not pretty:

But other than that – the same hair! I’ve layered it differently – but pretty much it’s been same old-same old. But on Saturday, I decided to get bangs. It was a spur of the moment decision. I didn’t tell anyone – not even Josh! And you know what – it was WAY more traumatic than cutting off all my hair for locks-of-love. At least when they do that – they cut off the hair behind your back. So you don’t actually SEE the scissors chop it all off. But with bangs…it’s right in FRONT of your face. CHOP! A lock of 10-inch hair…GONE! Right in front of my eyes.

Scary! My heart literally fluttered when she cut it off. “WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?!”

And at first it looked terrible! It looked like I had a mop on my head! I was trying not to freak out in the hairdressers chair.

But then she finished styling it…and I was better. I still didn’t LOVE the bangs…but they looked OK.

Josh loves them. He was so cute when I got home. I’m glad I decided to surprise him. 🙂 And all my friends and coworkers have said nice things about the bangs…

But…I still wasn’t sure about them…

Until today.

FIVE days later I finally got used to them. Today they finally stopped tickling my forehead…and making me think I had a huge bug on my head. Today I can finally look in the mirror and not get freaked out by the stranger with bangs. Today I finally think I styled them right so I don’t look like I had a libmon mop on my head.

So now…I think I like them. 🙂

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