Tips for Managing Your Family’s Health

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Mom life. You know how it is! Driving here and there, coordinating this and that, remembering to do things, making lists on top of lists. It’s hard work! And we often feel stretched to our limits and like there’s no time at all for anything extra in our lives. Of course, the one thing we need to prioritize over everything else is our family’s health. There is nothing more important than this, and we have to make time for doctor visits.

In most cases, the hardest part of managing our family’s health is going to the various establishments required to make sure everyone is healthy. (The doctor, the dentist, etc.) Most people hate visiting a doctor, and kids often dread it.

Here are some tips to consider:

  • As your child grows, they should be seeing the doctor fairly regularly, just to make sure that they are developing and hitting those milestones. If your kids start to have some anxiety about going to the doctor, promising them a special treat after each visit is usually enough to inspire even the the most challenging children. Make sure you talk about what types of things the doctor will do, so your kids can be fully prepared. 
  • Dental hygiene is one of the most important areas of a person’s health. As children grow, their teeth will change, with the old ones being replaced with the new. Once a child is 3-years-old, he or she should be seeing the dentist regularly. Taking your kids to a pediatric dentist is a great choice. They’re used to working with kids, and often offer lots of special “extras” and options to make the visit go smoothly. Our dentist has lots of toys in the waiting room, stickers and other prizes in a treasure chest, and tons of different fluoride flavors like bubble gum and chocolate that your kiddo can choose from during their check-up. 
  • There are lots of other medical professionals your family might have to see. For example, your child may end up needed glasses. If you do need to take your child to an eye doctor, be careful how you speak to them about the visit. Making glasses seem desirable to a child could cause them to purposely fail their test, which would require them to have glasses when they aren’t actually needed. Make sure to explain to your children the importance of trying their best on the eye exam. 
  • And we can’t forget our 4-legged family members! Make sure to set up reminders for yearly exams, so they won’t be forgotten. And if they require medications, consider a company like Pet Lock, that can provide you with great options for your pets. 

Making health a priority is so important to ensure the well-being of your family. Hopefully these tips will help to make visiting health professionals easier for you and your children. 

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