Stone Point Church

So I really wanted to do a blog post about the church that Josh and I have been involved with. But I really wanted to wait until I had enough time to fully explain what we were doing and put it in my own words.

If you live in or around Atlanta, you’ve probably heard of the HUGE church in Alpharetta, GA called North Point Church. Well, North Point got so big that they started to branch out – they started “satellite churchs” in downtown Atlanta (Buckhead Church) and another one in Cumming, GA (Brownsbridge Church). The pastor, Andy Stanley, preaches on Sunday morning at North Point – and Buckhead and Brownsbridge have these big screens where they project the live video of Andy preaching. He really looks like he’s there! Anyway, these churchs got so popular, that people who lived in other parts of Georgia and even in other states wanted to share in the messages and style of these churchs. So now there are a bunch of these type of churchs poping up all over the country.

We were going to a church called Rehoboth Baptist – we ended up there because (1) it was super close to our house, (2) they were the only church we could find in our area that had a contemporary, modern style service, (3) we liked the preacher and (4) they offered small groups. However, the church had a lot of “politics” and seemed divided between the younger generations in the contemporary service and the older generations that attended the traditional service. Eventually, the pastor we liked decided to leave (for “political” reasons, to put it nicely). A couple in our small group also decided to stop going to the church (but kept coming to our small group). About a month later, that couple approached us to tell us that they had joined up with a group of 4 other couples (who also once attended Rehoboth) that were trying to start a North Point Strategic Partner church on the east side of Atlanta. We were intrigued, so we met with the guy who was leading it up – Tensley. He told us about his dream to create a church that people who didn’t go to church wanted to go to.

We’ve been involved since October and…we love it!!! The mission of the church is “to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by creating irresistible environments that make it easy for people to turn to God.” Basically, the whole mission of the church is to be a church that people who don’t go to church actually want to go to and that they will love to attend. And I have first hand experience in that – I resisted church so long and it wasn’t until I met Josh in college that I finally started believing and actually wanting to go to church.

The mission of this church stands out to me and really resonates with what I believe. The church focuses on community and small groups, shares messages that are relevant to our lives, and – most importantly – helps people grow closer to God. It’s SO exciting to be involved in something like this! I prayed so much when I was laid off for God to show me what to do in life – to give me a purpose. I really believe he led me to this and I hope we can help other people find what I’m finding!

If you live on the east side of Atlanta, you should check us out!


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