Create a Super Room for Your Little Super Hero

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Little boys’ rooms aren’t just a place to lay their head at the end of each day. They’re a place to play, explore, hide, learn and be Batman!  It’s a place where they can feel safe and secure, where they can hide under the blanket and call for mom or dad to chase away any shadows or lurking monsters. Once they’re no longer babies and the crib is gone, they start to have their favorite tv programs, films, toys and stuffed animals. You can often get a glimpse of their personality and see who their favorite characters are by looking on the floor of the playroom or in the toy boxes. If you want to create an awesome room, there are a selection of things to consider when you are about to re-decorate your little guy’s room.  

Bed and Mattress

First and foremost, you will need a good quality bed and mattress if you want it to last. You can find a whole range of incredible beds these days for kids – bunk beds or those with a pull out bed underneath for when friends stay over. There are cabin beds with storage if it’s a smaller room, that have pull out desks or have a wardrobe underneath. You can even have custom-made beds with slides – this would really transform their room into a magical place for them! Children are light in weight, so you may be tempted to get a cheaper mattress, but this isn’t recommended. Your little one will grow fast, and it could quickly become uncomfortable. A good night’s sleep is needed for a healthy, happy, alert boy.  

Layout, Storage, and Safety

It’s really important that your child has an area to play in in their room, since playing is how children learn and develop. Children usually have a lot of toys too, so getting child-friendly storage is essential. When you’re shopping for things like this, you have to make sure the furniture is safe and there is no way it could possibly hurt the child. You might get drawers that can be drilled into the walls so as your child gets more independent and doesn’t need watching as much, you can leave them to play freely without worrying they may be harmed. Children could pull over tall drawers or wardrobes which could cause a serious injury. If you’re unsure about the layout, you could always try an online room planner, or get a second opinion from a friend or family member. Work out the layout so there’s as much floor space as possible. If you’re buying blinds, make sure they are child-friendly and have a safety fixture. A wand mechanism is far safer since cords can be a strangulation risk.


If the room is smaller, lighter colors will make it feel more spacious and will also be more versatile too. If you go with neutrals, the accessories can just be swapped for a change of color scheme. if your little guy is adamant on a superhero or favorite character, you can always buy wall stickers (which can be changed as they grow) or wallpaper on a feature wall, which would add personality without making the room seem cramped. If your house is rented and you cant re-decorate, you can always buy children’s lamps, curtains, pictures and a rug which will bring some much-needed color and fun to the bedroom.


What theme did you pick for your kids’ rooms?

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