Viva Italia – Day 5 – Sorrento


Arrivederci Rome!

That morning we slept in, packed up our bags, took a cold shower (hope our next hotel has better hot water and water pressure) and walked about a mile with all of our luggage to the train station. One of our bags was HUGE so I was dreading this part, but it wasn’t too bad. However, today it was hot hot HOT in Rome. Thank goodness I wore a short sleeve shirt – I was so sweaty when we got to the train station. Ew. The station was kind of confusing, but we finally figured out where to go. We were on platform 9 and ¾. 😉 Just kidding. We were on platform 10. The first class cars are nice – way better than the plane. I’m soooo nervous about the small local train we have to take from Naples to Sorrento. I’ve read reviews about how yucky and scary it is and about pick pockets. Hopefully it won’t be any worse than the subway in Rome. (We though we saw a pick pocket in the subway there, but it was just some guy’s friend messing with him!)

One quick story I forgot to write about before –
On our tour of the Colosseum, an older lady thought the tour guide said the ancient Romans played football there. She asked if they played it on the sand. The tour guide has said the shape of the Colosseum is like a modern day football stadium. They didn’t play football back then. Bless her heart! Lol!

And one thing I’ve learned –
Girls: always make friends with the women in line with you for the bathroom. When you get up to the front of the line and there’s no toilet paper, they’ll be nice and let you borrow a tissue they brought with them. Already happened to me twice! Now I’ve learned to carry my own tissues. And don’t forget your euros – it almost always cost money to use the bathrooms.

I’m on a train!


Obligatory stoic picture looking out the window. Too bad we hadn’t left the station yet!


Writing on the train.
(I love that cute, old Italian guy sitting behind me in this pic.)
I’m so clever…
Shakespeare couldn’t have put it better himself!


I’m a word-play genius!




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Josh said, “Holly, you’re so beautiful!”


So then I did this!


And I guess I should include one pic of my cute hubby. 🙂



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