Motivation Issues

I sure do wish it was NEXT Thursday. Because next Thursday, I will be here:
And here:
And it is going to be amazing!!!! I think before I leave work on Wednesday, I’m going to put this on my desk facing out so everyone can see:
But I sure am having a hard time staying motivated at work. My brain is already on vacation. đŸ™‚ I seriously have had to talk to myself into doing anything productive. I say “Holly, I know you are ready for vacation, but you need to get to work. Just do these 3 items on your to-do list, and then you can daydream.” And then when I finish, I allow myself to daydream for just a minute. But then I have to have another little chat with myself for a few more items off the list! But today is almost over and then there will just be 3 more days of work before I leave (since we have Monday off-yay!). I can make it 3 more days!