Yes, that’s right – I’m the matron of honor for my good friend Robin’s wedding! And I am sooooo EXCITED! I’m not one of those girls who has a billion friends and ends up being a bridesmaid a billion times. I’ve been a bridesmaid twice – for my sister’s wedding and for my friend Lauren’s wedding. And I LOVE weddings. So I’m just giddy at the thought of being a part of another one!

Miss Robin, aka – future Mrs. Freeman, has chosen an adorable color for our dresses (eggplant!) and then let us pick out the style. Here’s what I picked:

Super cute! Plus it’s giving in the stomach area, just in case I gain some weight or happen to have a bigger belly for some reason or another…teeheehee.

We’re wearing gold shoes and I’m totally getting my hair put up in some fun up-do. Maybe something similar to what I had done at Lauren’s wedding?

Yep – I’m def excited for September 17th!