Media, Plugins, and Widgets – Oh my!

Beep boo bop bee beep.

That’s the sound that technology makes, right?

Y’all. I’m so overwhelmed with the technical side of blogging.

I’ve been thinking about restarting my blog for a long time. And I knew if I was going to do it, I wanted to do it right this time. I wanted my own domain. I wanted a host site. I wanted SQL. (What the heck is SQL?!) So I started Googling. And Pinterest-ing. And found out that all the cool kids these days use WordPress and a hosting site like Bluehost or Siteground.

But pretty much every single thing I’ve done so far for this new blog, I’ve had to first go to Google and type in “How to xyz?” or  “How can I xyz?” or “Easiest way to xyz?” or “Xyz for dummies.”

Hello my name is Dummy. Nice to meet you. 

I didn’t realize that a few short years out of the workforce would turn me into an 80 year old woman when it comes to technology. (I bet there’s some techie Grandmas out there taking offense to what I just said. Sorry Granny!)

So what’s a bored-stay-at-home-wanting-to-blog-mama to do? 

Any tips? Or should I just keep Googling, just keep Googling. (Any Finding Nemo fans out there singing that with me?)






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